The Young And The Restless Spoilers March 5 – 7.

Protection and confrontation…

Leslie tells Tyler that someone tampered with Avery’s brakes then brings up Neil. She knows if Neil thinks her life is in danger he’s going to try to protect her. Leslie doesn’t want anyone to get hurt because of their pasts. Tyler wishes that Avery would back off the case, but Leslie informs that Avery believes that their father was falsely accused.

Nick warns Avery that he won’t call off the security guards then confronts Wheeler and asks if he knows who would want to get Avery off of her case? Who would want her dead? Wheeler appears sympathetic and suggests that whoever wants to keep Avery’s client behind bars was responsible. When Nick runs into Leslie, he asks if Avery has ever talked to her about the Gus Rogan case.

Dylan admits to Sharon that he never had much experience with kids until he went to Afghanistan. Sharon wonders if Dylan wants to talk about his time there. Dylan feels comfortable enough and opens up to Sharon. Their talk is soon cut short when Dylan gets word that his father is getting worse. Sharon urges him to go. Later, Adam and Sharon have an open conversation about her staying with him – alone.

Jack and Kyle convinced Neil to allow Summer to do her internship in his building – away from Kyle. Summer quickly objects. She wants to work with the man in charge, Jack. Phyllis questions Kyle about Summer. Kyle assures Phyllis that they are just friends. Summer overhears the end of their conversation.

Wait, there’s more… Michael wants nothing more than to reconnect with Lauren. The Newmans prepare for Nikki and Victor’s wedding, and Adriana covers for Katherine, who forgets about a wedding gift Esther brings up.

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