The Young And The Restless Spoilers March 8 – 11.

Pleading and secrets…

Avery confronts Leslie and lets her know that she figured something out about her client – Leslie and Tyler are Gus Rogan’s kids. Leslie becomes more worried and tries to convince Avery to drop her case. Avery cannot allow a man to rot in jail for something he didn’t do. Leslie tells Avery that he killed her mother – and claims she saw him do it. Avery thinks there is more to what happened. Later, Leslie worries to Tyler that maybe they made a mistake all those years ago, considering she never actually saw their father kill their mother.

Sharon questions Adam about Chelsea and wonders if she came back to him would he take her back? Meanwhile, Chelsea sees a woman with a baby and plans to tell Adam her secret. Chloe warns her against it and claims Adam will take her baby away from her. Chelsea thinks Adam would be compassionate if he knew about her pregnancy. Chloe accuses Chelsea of still loving Adam and suggests that she find another guy to play daddy to her child.

Lauren is upset that Kevin and Michael tricked her into returning home and asks for more time alone. Michael can tell that Lauren is terrified of something but doesn’t have a clue what could be troubling her so much. Lauren can’t answer when Michael asks if they are over and gives her husband the whole, “It’s not you, it’s me,” excuse. When Michael gets Lauren to admit she still loves him, he begs her to help him fix their marriage. She allows Michael to carry her into the bedroom – as Carmine leaves her a text.

Nikki’s vision becomes blurry again. She calls Victor, who arranges for an ambulance to bring Nikki to the hospital. Later, Nikki panics and admits to Victor her fears that they won’t get married. Victor has a solution to put her fears at ease.

Come Monday… Phyllis reminds Jack that they got divorced for a reason. A minister suggests Nikki and Victor get married right away, and Avery tells Nick that someone is following her.

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