The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary February 25 – March 1.

Phyllis confronted Avery about Dylan, Adam asked Sharon to move in and Lily and Cane argued over Chelsea…

Victor and Nikki invited the family to the rebuilt ranch. Nick scolded Summer for bringing Kyle, who she’d taken a liking to. He also warned Kyle that Summer was his little girl – even though she was eighteen. Kyle assured Summer they were only friends. Adriana appeared next and claimed Noah invited her, which he didn’t.

Dylan and Phyllis reminisced over their childhood. Phyllis realized Avery cheated on her husband with Dylan and confronted her. Avery claimed she’d learned from her mistakes – Phyllis never did. Jack comforted Phyllis and vowed to be there for her. Avery called Nick about an issue with her brakes. Dylan examined her car and warned someone tampered with them. Avery and Nick recalled Wheeler, Victor and Leslie were all interested in her case. Victor denied involvement but promised Nick he’d check out Wheeler. After Nick agreed to be Victor’s best man, Victor warned Wheeler to leave town. Leslie worried Avery would get her father released, who was in prison for killing her mother. She told Neil the truth about her and Tyler’s identities and their parents. Neil warned Wheeler to respect Leslie’s reasons for not wanting to testify at her father’s hearing.

Nick saw Adam kiss Sharon and warned her away from him. He also unsuccessfully warned Adam away from Sharon. Sharon agreed to move in with Adam while Dylan finished her home repairs. Sharon hurt her ankle while hiking with Dylan and Faith, who turned up missing. Sharon called Nick, who arrived just as Dylan found Faith sleeping by a rock.

Cane called Lily unprofessional when she brought up him being jealous of Tyler when he was so obsessed with Chelsea and her designs. Neil hired Chelsea. Meanwhile, Chelsea told Cane about Sharon moving in with Adam and how she wanted to leave town. Cane reminded Chelsea how he fought for her and convinced her to stay. Later, Lily walked out on Cane after another argument over Tyler and Chelsea.

Michael resigned, and Christine accepted the DA job. Fen confided in Michael and promised to make things right with Jamie and their family. Still at the club, Lauren fantasized about Carmine and later they had sex.

Kevin witnessed Jill mistakenly accusing Adriana of stealing and realized how easy it would be to steal from the Chancellor Estate.

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