The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary March 11 – 15.

Leslie visited her father, Avery’s apartment was trashed, and Chloe gave Chelsea advice…

Avery told Nick her client, Gus Rogan, was Leslie and Tyler’s father. Nick feared for her safety. Someone trashed Avery’s apartment. She refused to drop the case and found an American Flag pin left behind. Nick believed it was Wheeler’s and warned the congressman if something happened to Avery he’d come after him. Wheeler made a reference to someone about ‘the marks’ being in one place at one time, at a wedding. Victor confronted Wheeler about Avery and the congressman’s missing lapel pin. The men exchanged threats, as Adam eavesdropped. Adam confided in Sharon and admitted something appeared off about Wheeler. Later, Adam got word that Victor’s PI had proof Adam disposed of Wheeler’s daughter’s body. Adam believed Victor was going to blackmail him out of Newman.

Neil convinced Leslie not to run away. After Leslie’s father called her she convinced Avery to go see Gus with her. Gus apologized to Leslie, who asked why he killed her mother. Gus admitted he’d been jealous. He knew his wife had had an affair but denied killing her. Leslie told Avery her father was innocent. She could see it in his eyes.

Jack admitted he’d fallen in love with Phyllis again. Phyllis had fallen for Jack again too but was afraid their relationship wouldn’t work. Jack planned a romantic getaway and convinced Phyllis to give them a chance.

Lauren told Carmine she was moving back home. Later, Abby confronted Carmine about being involved with Lauren. Lauren met Paul at the club. Paul noticed her staring at Carmine then told Michael he accepted the job as Chief of Police. Paul hired Alex, who agreed to go to Victor and Nikki’s wedding with Abby. Nikki was released from the hospital and began planning her wedding.

Cane told Lily he wouldn’t work with Chelsea anymore. Lily felt silly for feeling jealous and assured Cane she’d never cheat on him. Cane relayed the news to Chelsea. Dylan befriended Chelsea then found out his father had died. Chloe urged Chelsea to find a man to pass off as her baby’s father. When Anita realized Chelsea was pregnant, she swore her mother to secrecy. Chelsea and Dylan bonded over their current states and had sex. Later, Chloe saw Chelsea and realized she’d had sex.

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