The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary March 4 – 8.

Lauren swore Carmine to secrecy, Summer got an internship, and Adriana covered for Katherine…

Lauren regretted sleeping with Carmine, who promised to keep their night together a secret. Fen told Lauren he and Michael made up and urged her to do the same. Michael refused to apologize for trying to protect Fen. Lauren stormed off and back into Carmine’s arms. Later, Michael banged on Lauren’s door, as she and Carmine were in bed. After Lauren got Michael to leave she warned Carmine she couldn’t ‘do this anymore’. Kevin helped Michael trick Lauren into returning home. Lauren wanted more time alone, but Michael begged her to help him fix their marriage. Lauren allowed Michael to carry her to the bedroom then later ended things with Carmine.

Abby shared her concern about Summer and Kyle with Jack and Phyllis. Phyllis believed Summer simply had a crush. Kyle confronted Jack about giving Summer an internship. Jack suggested Kyle set boundaries with Summer. Though Neil agreed to assign Summer away from Kyle, Summer objected, wanting to work with Jack. Later, while Summer fantasized about kissing Kyle, Abby and Alex made plans for a date.

Nick confronted Wheeler and Leslie about Avery’s case. Both appeared nonchalant, but Leslie suggested Nick get Avery off the case. Avery confronted Leslie about her and Tyler being Gus Rogan’s, her client’s, kids. Leslie claimed her dad killed their mom. Avery wasn’t buying it but began to think someone was following her. Later, Leslie wondered if she and her brother made a mistake years ago. She admitted to Tyler that she never actually saw their father kill their mother.

Dylan had his dad, who had gotten worse, admitted into Genoa City Memorial. He expressed how proud he was of Dylan. Meanwhile, Sharon told Adam it was time for her to be on her own – away from his house and Newman. Adam was proud of Sharon.

Adriana covered for Kay, who kept forgetting things, and urged Kay to see a doctor about her memory issues. Kay looked at a brochure on Alzheimer’s. Meanwhile, a specialist told Nikki she was in the early stages of MS, with minimal nerve damage, and that she could go into remission. Later, Nikki passed out and worried her and Victor would never get married. Victor promised her a wedding a day until their official ceremony.

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