April Days Of Our Lives Comings And Goings.

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Ex-”All My Children” actress Chrishell Stause has joined the cast in an undisclosed role. Her material should begin airing in August.

Former “General Hospital” actress Jen Lilley has been cast on DOOL.

Jaime Lyn Bauer will be back as Laura Horton on April 10 and 11.

“DOOL” is seeking an actor for a contract role of Derek who will be in his late 20s, either Caucasian or Hispanic, ruggedly good-looking, confident, sexy, and mysterious. The role shoots starting in April or May and Derek will start airing in June.

According to Nadia Bjorlin‘s rep, her final air date as Chloe should be April 20. Her contract was only for three months.

Ken Colquitt will appear as Seth Burns in April.

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  15 responses so far...

  1. From dani

    April 20 is Saturday, so Nadia’s last air date should be either April 19 or April 22!

  2. From dc

    hey dani, i’m thinking her last day may be the 19th..
    after watching todays show daniel is gonna confront her with all the lies she has been telling.
    can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow..

  3. From Helen

    Yes,it is about time Daniel got a real clue about Chloe, thx to Nicole and Rafe. Now, if only Brady would wise up. I cannot believe the writers are making him be so dumb.

  4. From Clear

    I think Nadia did great acting. Too bad she cannot stay on and redeem her character.

    Wonder how the new ones will fit in?

  5. From Sam

    Chloe will last be seen on Tuesday april 16 and honestly I am glad because I do not like how the writers are portraying her.

  6. From dc

    well, chloe is gone. now we have to contend with ann, she is gonna make trouble for cameron..
    glad little parker is with his dad. now, after watching todays show, i am wondering if ciara will show her mom the picture..

  7. From Becky

    Can’t wait till the writers destroy Nick on the show. Couldn’t stand him when he was on before and even worse now. He is just so dorky looking he makes every interaction with anyone revolting. And it is him that I can’t stand not the actor. He just doesn’t fit in the show and never has.

  8. From vicky


  9. From Laura from CO

    I think the writers have ruined Chloe’s character beyond repair. She went from being a great person to being a hooker, and then doing what she did to Daniel & Jennifer. She needs to be gone. I hope Kristen stays on for quite awhile. She’s the only reason this show isn’t completely boring. I also can’t wait for the destruction of Nick. I hope the writers have something awesome in mind, because I cannot stand him!

  10. From Michelle

    @ Vicky…I agree…Daniel & Jennifer are SOOOOO BORING!! Jennifer belonged with Jack…years ago they were such a fun & funny couple. K thought Daniel Chloe were such a hot couple! They had such chemistry..Daniel & Jennifer have absolutely no chemistry & I’m embarressed for the characters having to try & fake isn’t working!! Even Daniel & Nichole were more interesting. Daniel & “Saint Jennifer” bore me so much, I have started recoding the show & fast-forwarding through their “romance” scenes. SNORE! ZZZZZZZZ!!!!!

  11. From Dawn

    I used to love Jack and Jennifer back in the day. I agree, their romance was cute and it was funny. OMG!! I can remember Jack having “hysterical laryngitis” before the wedding and couldn’t talk..that was so funny! And that crazy dream he had of them getting married after he had been knocked hilarity!!! But yes, Jenn and Daniel, doesn’t cut it for me.

    And I hate what they’ve done to Chloe’s character!!! Have they forgotten Belle was her best friend? Belle would never have been best friends with someone like that! Are we supposed to forget what Chloe used to be like? And Nick, I really wish someone would deal with him. He has become one of the most annoying characters in soap history I think. He’s an unstable control freak and has no business being married to Gabby and near that baby!

  12. From mocha

    I know I’ll probably get shut down but I am so tired of Kristen and Brady, could have sworn he heard her and Stefano a couple of weeks ago, everyone else manages to overhear conversations guess he is dumb and hard of hearing. Sami and EJ are so boring nothing but kissy facing. All that sex makes them all stupid and boring.Creepy Nick needs to go. Kristen is either very lucky of a witch of all the people Ciara gives the envelope to Kristen! Really

  13. From mocha

    Michelle, I also do a lot of recording and fast forwarding, who knew sex makes you so dumb. Anne is so over the top and unnecessary. And why is it that Hope is the only person in Salem that has trouble getting phone reception in the square. From the looks of the spoilers I will be doing a lot more.

  14. From DG from Wa.

    I agree with All of you. Can’t stand Nick!! Will needs to be able to see his daughter!! To much sex—boring to say the least. Especially with Rafe and Kate. Don’t they have jobs??? Brady needs a “Wake Up” boot in the rear!!!

  15. From kay

    Please bring Bo back!!!

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