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Chloe’s plot to force Jenn to dump Daniel chugs along as the blond publicly humiliates him.

Sy, the thug Kristen hired to clobber Brady, wants his hush money.

Kate and Rafe’s involvement becomes public knowledge and it isn’t sitting right with anyone.

Sonny has been keeping a secret.

Chad and Abigail team up to discover Cameron’s secret.

Vargas corners Nick. After reminding him of the deal they made, he explains that he plans to make a great deal of money.

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  24 responses so far...

  1. From Jenni

    Well let’s see if this works now… Still looking forward to Kristen getting blackmailed and ‘not handle it all that well’ ;)

  2. From Jenni

    Oh no… looks like my e-mail is still there… do you see it friends?

  3. From Jenni

    I really dont like Nick at all

  4. From Jenni

    poor WIll , the kid needs to catch a break

  5. From lc

    When Vargas slipped on that wedding band I thought maybe he and Nick got married in jail and that’s why he wanted to find him so badly….hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Sorry friends…was just a moment of thought I had is all!! :)

  6. From vivian

    #5 lc: You would make a great plot strategist…let the writers fill in the dialogue…So would that make Nick a bigamist ? LOL

  7. From vivian

    Site is still down. im not Vivian ;)

  8. From Stacey

    OMG – I’m so over the Jen/Daniel YoYO….for crying out loud – I was excited that they finally did the deed … now she humiliates him? Wonder what she says to him? Chloe needs to get a life and so does her meddling mother.

    I’m very disappointed that DOOL writers decided to NOT have Nick raped in jail. THAT would have been an interesting storyline. His misguided phobia against homosexuality stemming from his prison rape. Would have been educational for the audience .. and possibly could have redeemed his character. Now – I could really care less what they do with Nick.

    Is it me or am I the only one that kind of likes Kate with Rafe? Kafe o’lay (get my drift?). It makes sense – the way it happened and its continuation. I think she is a tad older than him – but not by much. I’m 8 years older than my boyfriend of 10 years ( that is).

    Does anyone ever read the dribble I write? ;)

  9. From Christine Fix


  10. From Christine Fix


  11. From annie j

    please make chloe go away and let at least one couple have a happy ending.

  12. From Sue

    Jennifer tells Dan she’s not over Jack yet. But, I’ll tell you one thing, I’m so over Jen & Dan I can’t stand to watch them anymore. Need more Nicole!!
    And can’t wait til Kristen gets her but kicked. Soon Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. From DOOLday1

    Kate & Rafe??? She’s his Stepson’s GRANDMOTHER and GREAT-GRANDMOTHER to his coming niece/nephew!!! Am I the only one that finds that just…EWWWWWWWW!!!!!????

  14. From DOOLday1

    No, this site is not fixed!! I have DOOLday1 and her e-mail on my sign in spot. I am Barb with a totally different e-mail address. This is totally not good to have our e-mail addresses showing to someone else.

  15. From 502KY

    I do admit that I like Kate and Rafe as a couple, but the age difference has to be significant, he around 40, her about 60… she is going to be a great-grandmother after all!

  16. From Keri

    Agree, agree, agree with everyone on the endless Jen and Dan drama. Enough already! There’s been so many fights between them I’ve lost count. It’s every week with these two! Brady said it best with the quote “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting the different results.” Writers, you’re driving us insane with this nonsense! Break them up (for good) or put them together, just MOVE ON. Please. Give Jen something else to do besides loving/loathing Dan and talking to her daughter about loving/loathing Dan.

    Yay Stephano is back to stir things up! I’m wondering if he wants to get to Nick, will he set his sights on Gabi? He may be just the one to bring her down!

  17. From BonnieRose

    I agree with all. !!!
    I kind of like Kate and Rafe but when I read about it beforehand in spoilers I didn’t like it! I don’t like the John / Marlena split. Hope they can team together soon to bring down Kristen. Now watch maybe that thug will kidnap Kristen or she will stage it and pin the blame on guess who? ( they usually repeat story lines)

  18. From Stacey L

    Does anyone else think it’s insane that the writers have made John so hateful towards Marlena???

    This has to be a plot twist of some kind. I’m thinking that perhaps when John took time for himself, Stefano did the ol’ switcheroo and now in Salem is the “fake” John to wreak havoc on Marlena and his son and destroy John’s family. The real John is tied up in some dank hotel room in Italy. Any takers?

    If that is NOT the storyline, then how can the writers actually think that longtime viewers would buy John telling Marlena to butt out and treat her like pond scum?

    Someone’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

  19. From Ninnie

    I wonder if any of the story writers ever come here and read the comments we all leave?? obviously they never do, or they would get the picture things are quite boring and just plain senseless as well. I havent been watching in the past three months. I was stunned though to learn Chloe’s Mom came back. So where is her meddling husband?? I cant stand the way she talks, like she gets her tongue caught in between her teeth or something and
    spits every word out. PLEASE though, story writers come up with something NEW and something that will be worth the watch and less DRAGGY!! I am getting kind of tired of watching people COOK in the afternoons, and then how to lose the weight afterwards!!

  20. From Neon

    I agree with 502KY I really like Kate and Rafe together their relationship add a litte spice to the show. I’m so tired of the Jenn and Daniel on and off saga. In a way I agree with Chloe not that she is the best person for Daniel but certainly Jenn is not either; she is too weak and stupid. She need to stand up to Chloe and fight for her man. Most likely since a body was not found for her Ex he will be back hopefully they with cast another actor to play the part or just let him and Jenn ride off into the sunset taking Hope, John and Marlena with them. And I hope they are finished with Sami running back and forth between EJ and Rafe!. Now let me guess once Daniel is hurt he will sleep with either Hope or Nicky. But a good twist would be if he falls into Kate’s arms.

  21. From ThymeHBF

    I feel NO chemistry between Jennifer and Daniel!!

  22. From Holly Ree

    I hate to say this, as I am a huge Days fan, but I DVR the show and I fast forward through all the Jennifer scenes. Something about her is very annoying. The story line has gotten so old. IMO, Chloe has made the show worse. I am loving Stephano is back. He always makes for an interesting turn of events. I am ready for some new and exciting Days.

  23. From Bonnie Woeckener

    I have been a viewer of Days some 40+ years. Used to taped the show every day and couldn’t wait to watch it, now I skip through the tape. The story line is stupid they should let Chloe, Kristen, Nick, Gabby, Nancy and Anne go. They are ruining Marlena and John.
    I was glad to see Chloe come back, but not in the story line they gave her. They need to get some new writers with new story ideas or they will lose viewers.

  24. From dc

    well, chloe is gonna be gone in a couple of weeks (i guess nancy will be too). just wonder if they will keep parker on the show with daniel.
    with kristen playing a double role on two shows it kind of makes you wonder if she is gonna be gone too.
    not sure if i like this vargas character that is making nick’s life with gabi strange..
    it appears we are not gonna see bo return. i am wondering how they are gonna really write him out, and will hope stay around with ciara. i would love to see bo return and maybe bring shawn, belle and claire with him (maybe even steve).
    we have not seen much of kayla lately either. i would love to see max and melanie back..
    anxiously waiting for next week’s shows…

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