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Thanks to Rafe and Nicole, Daniel figures out Chloe’s deception.

Jenn pays Laura a visit.

Sonny offers to spy on Nick for Will’s sake.

Sami confronts EJ. Does he have an ulterior motive in moving back into the mansion?

Chloe pays her apologies to Jenn and Daniel and leaves town, but the battle against Dannifer is far from over.

John has a gift for Kristen and it makes Brady jealous.

Kristen has to play dirty to get rid of Sy and his evidence.

Will’s jealousy of Brian gets the better of him.

Vargas and Nicole almost kiss.

Rafe and Kate break-up and make-up but she is starting to feel insecure.

Hope tells Ciara that Bo is on his way back.

Brady tells John to stop bothering Kristen.

Vargas and Nicole almost have sex in the most inopportune place.

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  46 responses so far...

  1. From haycam

    Is this working again???

    If you see only your email address then it’s working again. We need people to test it for us! Admin

  2. From Jenn

    Who is coming back as Bo???

  3. From Ninnie

    So I see this is up and working again. Glad to see something is for a change because these story lines dont seem to be changing one bit. *SIGH*

  4. From Ninnie

    I see Ninnie’s name and email address so I won’t leave a comment if it still shows this information-From MsBoulderCO

  5. From Cougar

    Missed posting hope this works!

  6. From Stacey L

    Cannot wait to see Daniel unleash on Chloe – not sure what day that it’s happening -but the DVR is on – so I’m good.

    Did I miss something? Didn’t the guy blackmailing Kristin (Sy) give the pics to Marlena? Doesn’t she have them now? Where is that storyline now? Haven’t seen much of it lately.

    Also -Eric is being transferred to another parish right? So is he gone? I see Vargas (does he have a first name or is that it…like Cher?) but haven’t seen Eric since he told Nic he was scootin’

    Is Bo coming back? Has anyone read anything other than what’s in the spoilers? Kristin did an interview where she said there is a “solo piece” for her coming soon – is his “coming back” meant to be in a coffin?


  7. From DOOLday1

    Someone else’s e-mail is showing on my computer where I usually sign in. – Barb

  8. From DOOLday1

    I am Barb, not DOOLday1 and that person’s name and e-mail address is on my computer in my spot where I sign in.

    Please delete her info and login as yourself and post. See if it retains your information. ADMIN

  9. From Stacey

    Hey y’all…. my email is showing up for me when I go to post..and…you could just erase what’s there and retype so you can get your comments in :) I miss the discussions!!

  10. From Chrissy

    Is there a new Bo?

  11. From Chrissy

    What’s up, new Bo?

  12. From Larry

    Im so glad this forum is up again.Long time reader 1st time posting.Im so tired of this whole Dannifer thing and Chloe. It seems to just put me to sleep. I think Jennifer make Daniel boring.Also Jennifer should have just told Daniel about the way Chloe was blackmailing her.Im so glad April 15th she’s going going gone.

  13. From dc

    dayscafe does mention something about bo, just hope the “real” bo is returning and not another new one.
    i am afraid this birth certificate for parker with no father’s name listed will be a problem for daniel. but hopefully not. chloe is gonna be gone soon and so is nancy, i think.

  14. From Kat

    Admin. I am doing as you asked, removed Tee’s name and E-mail with mine… now let’s see if this works….Kat

  15. From Michelle

    my name and email shows up.
    I missed this board.
    Hope everything gets squared away soon.

  16. From Michelle

    Not my name or email…see someone else’s email and name

    Try typing in your own name Michelle on the next post. Then it may take your name for the post after that. Admin

  17. From shelia


  18. From lc

    I’m just pondering a thought so bare with me here. Brady’s reaction to his father and Kristen seem a bit over the top. May Brady did actually hear her after all when she was speaking with Stefano about her plan to leave him at the alter etc etc. Maybe he is making his own “plan” and doesn’t want his father or Marlena to know that he is on to her and will out her true colours down the road…in his own way. But then Kristen will actually be in love with him but it will be too little too late!!! Just a thought is all :0)

  19. From Clear

    My info is correct on site. Thank you, Admin. For getting us back together again.
    Stacey L, after Eric told her he was going, he came back and said the papers were not meant for him but for another priest. I hope he stays. I do not want to see Nicole get taken in by Vargas. I would like to see her find a happy ending for a while after all her suffering. It is fine with me if Eric shocks everyone and leaves the priesthood for her.

    I am looking forward to Daniel getting the best of Chloe for lying and her conniving mom too! Just keep Jennifer out of those distracting sleeve over the hands outfits. I detest how she pulls those over her fingers like it’s freezing or something. Roll them up or something.

    Ann is still going to be Jennifer’s enemy and plot against her.

    So, is Ciara having a premonition, or her mom told her? I want to see Bo’s character back too. I like P. Reckell, but if he will not come back recasting is fine with me as long as he is a good fit for the role in an important super couple.

  20. From kturner

    I hate the way the spoilers are now! The way they were gave so much more information!
    When Chloe came back, I was excited because I liked her when she left…but now I do not like her character at all! I also don’t care for Jennifer and Daniel being together!

  21. From Clear

    The last person’s email came up instead of mine. I put mine in to post and see what happens. This is Clear.

    About the show, is John planning to lure Kristen in and then show Brady she does not care for him? Dumb enough to work, but not up to the SuperJohn standards.

  22. From Gentzy

    Chloe’s exit can’t come soon enough (and neither can Nancy’s) – this storyline was over before it started – I so tired of it!!
    Nick needs to exit DOOL too – I can’t stand him and all his lying and dirty schemes! I hope Vargas makes him help with something illegal and Nick goes back to jail for a very long time and Will and Sonny help Gabi raise the baby!!!!
    I hope Peter comes back as Bo!!!!!

  23. From Stacey L

    Clear #19: Thanks for the Eric info! I too am hopeful that Eric will rip off the collar :)

    LC #18 – Love your thinking! You should be the writer! I am so hopeful that Brady has a brain and sees through Kristin – but I do like her evil ways. For some reason, Chloe’s storyline is ridic to me, but Kristin’s isn’t. I despise what they’ve done to Chloe, and am ok with Kristin’s character plot line.

    I cannot wait to watch today’s episode – Chloe gets her comeuppance … looking forward to watching Dannifer reunite and it better last longer than two eppisodes!

  24. From Larry

    Brady is so Stupid when it comes to Kristen.he should have found it suspicious the way Kristen kept telling him that Sye wasnt the mugger.He falls in love too fast and is just plain stupid. He should have also been able to figure out that Ian had been drugging him also.

  25. From kitty

    Just testing this out. Glad to have you back…missed ya!

  26. From Kay

    Wish they would just keep Daniel & Jennifer together. They are making Jennifer look like a total nut. The average woman would have “ratted Chole out” knowing that some of her threats had to be empty.

  27. From MAB

    I’ve missed commenting, and even tho I still don’t think this is working properly, I’m gonna go ahead and post. I still had to type over the last person’s name that posted, so this problem doesn’t seem to be fixed to me.

    I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment EJ & Sami have had as of late!!!!! They’re together, and so much in love! They aren’t hooked at the hip, but are tighter & solid as ever! And I’m glad no one is sticking their nose in their business, so far, that is. Their scenes have been fun & romantic, so refreshing! And it is also refreshing to see them disagree, even argue, but they didn’t go off mad at each other, or act immature. All it did do was just further fuel their passion! Love it! More EJami please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Stefano and anytime he’s on screen regardless of what he’s doing. So glad he’s back!

    I’m SO done w/ Daniel/Jen/Chloe. This SL is overdone, and I’m actually appalled this SL has been allowed to dominate over all the others. I’ll be so glad when Chloe is gone, but I hope Daniel rips her a new one before she leaves. Jen is so weak, no reason she couldn’t have told Daniel and they together turn the tables on Chloe for a change. Either way, I think it’s a shame they brought Chloe back only to turn her into a pathetic loser! I mean how can anyone route for her when she uses her own child to try to win back a man who obviously no longer wants or loves her, and told her as much. It just makes her look desperate & shallow. Now I guess we’ll have to deal w/ Anne becoming their next obstacle. Spoilers say she makes it her mission to destroy Jen. I just don’t get why she hates Jen so much…could there be a back story here? And Maggie, why is she so one-sided? She’s known Jen ALL her life, but tells Hope she isn’t who she thought she was. Really? She’s known Daniel all of 2 seconds and always gives him the benefit of the doubt because he’s her son, but not Jen? Not realistic to me! If Maggie is so smart, she would’ve already put 2&2 together and realize something is not right here (like Hope said), and suspect this is all Chloe’s doing. She knows Chloe has been trying to break them up, so why not think Chloe is involved here instead of blaming Jen? Victor too, I can’t believe he didn’t call this one.

    It looks like their setting up Vargas getting Nicole to trust him, then he’ll use her, and possibly hurt her or put her in danger. That is when I assume Eric will swoop in and save her, and their feelings for each other will surface. I’ll be glad when this story moves forward. Ready for some Eric & Nicole! I think they will be a spectacular couple, like EJ & Sami.

    I don’t want to see Bo back unless Peter Reckell is returning. If they’re thinking of recasting Bo, it’s won’t work, and if that is the case, I’d rather see Hope paired w/ someone else, even if it’s turns out to be Rafe. Speaking of Rafe, I’m SO sick of seeing him & Kate in bed all the time. I think it was even sicker when they almost had sex in Gabi’s room when Sonny caught them. They couldn’t restrain themselves long enough to leave his sister’s room??? They both admitted they would’ve done it if Sonny hadn’t walked in. UGH! The next thing you know, he saunters downstairs at the pub, and immediately starts to interrogate Sami. He demanded to know why she didn’t tell him that Will signed his rights away to the baby. Really??? It isn’t her responsibility to tell him anything. I mean he could’ve found out from a number of people, but that typical rude behavior of his just had to surface long enough to once again blame Sami for something. I guess old habits are hard to break for him, as he can’t seem to fathom that someone other than Sami just might be responsible for what Will did. Then when Sami tried to make her escape (for the second time) of being in the presence of him & Kate, she let it slip she was moving. Of course this peaked his interest, and he grilled her about that too. At that point, Sami had had enough of him, so she ‘gladly’ told him she was moving into the mansion, then sauntered off. I loved it! About time she left Rafe speechless for once. Apparently he thinks he has some kind of affect on her still, and/or influence, but I think he might have finally realized that’s all over and she’s moved on, left him far behind, and is no longer the ‘Stepford Wife’ she was when she was w/ him. Guess he’ll have to find someone else who doesn’t mind being his puppet. Sami is w/ her true love now, and happier than ever!

    Nick still makes me sick to even look at, but enjoyed seeing Vargas making him squirm! Then after the scare Vargas put into him, he actually said he wanted to apologize to Sonny. Well I say a little too late. I hope none of them accept his apologies because they’re not genuine no matter what he says. I’ll be glad when he finally gets what is coming to him, and I’m looking forward to any kind of downfall that will come Nick’s way!

    Glad Will finally got the guts to ‘want’ to take Nick down. Too bad he didn’t have the same attitude before he signed those stupid papers, and most of this could’ve all been avoided, but then I guess we wouldn’t have a SL. I still don’t see how Roman, Hope & Bo could be implicated in hiding the fact that Will shot EJ. I do not remember any of them finding out about it. But it’ll be interesting to see what Stefano has up his sleeve where Nick is concerned…that is if Vargas doesn’t nail him first.

    Nothing new about Brady, still acting stupid. I still think John is snubbing Doc only to convince Kristen he is really estranged from her so he can make his plans work to take her down. I say go John! And I would hope Marlena would be smart enough to know what he is really up to and play along.

    Cameron’s SL, thus far, is a dud. A stripper, really? I get the money part of it, but that can’t be all there is to this. If he needed money to pay student loans, why was he giving that shady guy his money? I loved the pot shots Chad took at him, too funny! I love seeing Chad and hope his SL picks up, and he & Abby get together eventually, hopefully sooner than later.

  28. From deb

    i really wish they would either get a younger version of parker or at least get rid of all the “BABY” gear really even tho they state that parker is only TWO he appears to be about four i really dont see the need for the playpen,and a DIAPER BAG!!!!

  29. From laura

    When is the show going to get rid of Jennifer the woman is SO BORING!!! I can’t stand her character and I can’t stand that they try so hard to put her and Daniel together you can tell that it’s a forced relationship they have no chemistry!! Sorry but Chloe and Daniel belong together when he kissed her after Jennifer dumped him I saw the sparks between them all over again. He stole her from Lucas only to get rid of her at the first sign of a bump in the road. Yes I know she cheated on him but she only did it because she thought Daniel had cheated on her honest mistake.. Like I said they belong together and the show needs to stop messing around and put them back together!!

  30. From linda

    When will dan and jen get back only reason i
    Watch the show

  31. From mss

    I think the Vargas actor is very charismatic. I would love to see him turn out to be an undercover police/FBI/ATF agent. But I suppose it would be hard to explain the 10 years he supposedly spent in prison. Father Eric is so very handsome. Maybe he could convert to a church that lets the clergy marry. Not likely, though? ;)

  32. From KIRSTIE

    please stop with the evil, because evil never wins. An the story line is so far from what is real it is ridiculous.People need to stop promoting false advertisment. I have been watching the show since I was ten, an nothing makes sense,It hasnt in at lease 3yrs now.That is sad,I hope this isnt for the fans because the real DOOLS fans dont accept this mess. An I know this isnt for so called new fans because they are left behind an dont even know the half of the storyline to the show. The show is not about Sammy but about the families, an their history with one another. This is for you writers go back an stick to the story line. I know the actors are not doing this for fans an not for money, they have to stand up an say I wont do this to our true fans. Everyone is older now so they should know better,from the one who have been watching for so long, an the bloggers dont make it no better because you edge on the mess an the evil of it. because evil never wins, an there should be some happiness here an not Sammy, These families will make it because of history. An true fans know this.Bringing people back for what purpose to do more evil makes no sense. It was a time when people can relate an now there is none.What I see is there is a lot of evil out here, an no one has stood up for the show, the ratings are not like they use to be. No one has fun any more, no gatherings an dinners an family outings, nothing it is pathetic. An baby, convicts, manipulating. Oh the Dimeras, WOW!!! that is nothing, because they never win, so that will mak people see the truth. The hortons being attacked because they are good people, so sad.The actors should have stood up an not took the roles they have. because it is disappointing to the older watchers…people wake up. an writers come on forreal. I can write some things if you need me email me. An no hard feelings I just know the show, I guess better than most…

  33. From Peela57

    After watching today’s show, I get the impression that they are building up to a “who done it” on Nick. It looks to me like someone is about to knock him off.

  34. From Peela57

    Mabb: I agree with you about Jen and Daniel. My thought on the whole thing was why is Jennifer being such a wimp?? Why doesn’t she just tell Daniel what happened and work together to take Chloe down? She need never know until the time is right that they didn’t really break up and were working together all the time. Personally, I think that would have made a much better story line than what actually happened. Instead, they made Jennifer look like a wimpy idiot.

  35. From Kat

    27 MAB, hey girl … good to read your posts again… long time…..
    liked everything you had to say…
    not going into everything right now, don’t have the time…
    just one thing…
    Jenn/Dan/Chloe…. had it, done with it.. give me a break…
    with Jenn, I am at the point, that I almost wish… Chloe would have been WRITTEN,,, to get Dr. Dan/Parker’s Dad… back, and they would make a happy Family.
    … and meaning, Dr. FeelGood would have been gone, or not, but I think, No matter how the SL goes… Jenn and Dr. Dan need NEW Partners…
    Jenn and Dan DO NOT work for ME….
    so please, anybody out there that loves Jenn and Dan together,,, no problem, it’s just ME that does not care for them….

    30 Peela57
    I so agree with you… the easiest thing would have been for a “Smart” Jenn to do a double “Sting” back on Chloe,
    inform Dan what was going down.. etc.
    and whoopy do da….we got her…
    But again, this is a soap, things are not the smartest all the time..
    they have to take creative allowances to make a SL fit… no matter what..
    and I am so cool with that…
    A Soap, is a Soap, is A Soap…. not real life….. over the top, ridic./crazy, out of this world, etc….
    it’s a soap…. we all, that have been watching for decades, know all about that….Like one soap was named so correctly.. “ANOTHER WORLD”…. THAT goes for All soaps……………….
    Glad we are back posting again….

  36. From Maddison

    The spoilers say that Chloe is leaving after she gets confronted by Daniel and she shows remorse. Will she be leaving with Parker and Daniel won’t see him again? If that happens, Daniel won’t be able to do anything about it because he is not listed on the birth certificate. That will create more problems for Daniel and Jennifer to get back together.

  37. From Brenda

    does anyone know who is being cast as Bo?

  38. From vivian

    I’m “Vivian”..not sure what name will appear in the heading. Anyone have any idea who Jen Lilley will be portraying on the show? One of the spoilers hinted that she would be someone who has not been seen in a long time…I have over-worked my brain trying think who may have been forgotten over the Brady Pub by Caroline :-) Trying to think of someone who left town with a small child. I have watched since Day One so I have to limit myself to the past twenty years! Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe Kim and Shane’s daughter, Jeanne?? Only female I can come up with….

    Please delete Vivian’s name and post your own information. Your computer should save it. ADMIN

  39. From Hope

    i enjoy reading the comments i missed it

  40. From Clear

    Please writers stop killing people off! Nick’s character is disgusting, but there are lots of ways to neutralize him without death. There is exile running from the law, total humiliation and possible redemption would be good, and there is always commitment to the nuthouse.

    I would like something creative. Remember when Kate got exiled on the tramp steamer cleaning fish and no one spoke English? Nick was at first likable and even funny!

  41. From Barb

    OK, I deleted the name and email that was on my space and put in my own. But so far, every time I check this site whoever has posted last, their name and email are on my computer. Not good to have people’s e addresses floating around out there. – From Barb

    I understand Jen being afraid of Chloe’s threat because once one parent takes a child out of the country, it’s an awful struggle for the other parent to get the child back and can take years,if ever.
    But #30, that’s a great idea of yours that Jen could have gone to Dan and they could have worked together and pretended to break up.

    We have to close these comments again. We can’t have your privacy being compromised. Hoping to have this resolved soon. ADMIN

  42. From Stacey L

    I wouldn’t mind Nick getting whacked – he’s a nut job … and I also find him disturbing to watch on screen.

    I thought yesterday was the day Daniel was going to lay into Chloe – but noooooo…. I have to wait until today. unless they drag it out till Friday – which they may do.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on why John is being such a JERK to Marlena. It’s so out of character for him – and Marlena’s words last week were “I’m not giving up on us”…how much can she take? He’s an ass without an explanation…Loved the line “that mullet – what were you thinking?” Classic

    So I guess Gabi’s baby will be born then? I was not ready to have Wil be saddled with a baby this early in his life – kind of hoping he and sonny would do the adoption thing but…guess this is okay.

  43. From Maryl

    #32 vivian–Hi, you sparked my curiosity about Jen Lilley, so I looked her bio up on Wikipedia. She was on General Hospital for a while filling in for Kristen Storms who plays Maxie Jones. She is young and very beautiful. The article I read stated that her role will be new and not a recast.
    She could very well be Kim’s and Shane’s daughter as you suggested. It would make sense for her to be someone’s daughter, returning to Salem. Whoever she will be, I know one thing for sure, she will be competition for someone, possibly Abigail?

    Loving EJ and Sami. Just need to see more of them. I’m sure we will before too long.

    Bored to tears with Jenn/Dan/Chloe. Also bored with Kristen and Brady. These two Sls need to conclude soon. Don’t know what to think about Kate and Rafe. One thing for sure, they are really into each other and oh what stamina they have! I’m wondering if the reason they have placed Rafe with an older woman is just the writers way of paving a path of acceptance for Hope and Rafe. Hope is a bit older than Rafe but is definitely more within the age range. I think Gerring is in his early 40′s and Alfonso is in the late 40′s. I think it would work real well. IMO. Of course, it would be better if Reckell came back as Bo, but it appears that will not be happening right now. Hope needs a SL–I am a Hope fan but as of late, the writers have done nothing for her character.

    Just waiting and waiting for the Nicole and Eric story to start! I think it will be really great! Nicole and Eric have so much chemistry. IMO. The angel and the soiled dove. Ha! Sorry, Nicole that’s too harsh of a description, perhaps I should have said the angel and the temptress.

  44. From Barb

    My situation is that my post 2 or 3 hours ago was posted correctly with my own name, although I had to delete Clear’s name and e-mail that were on my computer and type in my own. I stated then that whoever posts last, their name and email address come up on my computer. That is still the case and it does not retain my name and e address. My post went through under my own name but now it’s not on here and has been removed, and when I got on my computer just now, Stacey L’s name and email addres were there. Because, like I said, she was the last person to post before I got on.

  45. From Bonnie Woeckener

    I rarely post anything, but I tape the show and lately I skim through most of it. I can not think why they have paired Kate and Rafe she is old enough to be his mother. I wish Jen would get some smarts and tell Daniel the truth about Chloe.
    Nick is a nutcase, Rafe is suppose to be so smart why can’t he realize what Nick is doing? I liked Rafe and Sami together. I used to like John and Marlena, but I don’t like what the writers are doing with their story. What has Anne got against Jen? Why do the writers always have someone creepy in the story line. Bring back Bo with Reckell the only one I will think of as Bo. Love Bo and Hope can not picture Hope with Rafe. If Reckell won’t come back get Hope a real good-looking new man.
    Hope I haven’t bored anyone with my rant. I have watched Days since they started but lately it is boring. I used to tape days off the first big satilite dish a day earlier.

  46. From Barb

    My #38 post went through in my name, and I see now that my earlier post #35 is back, but Maryl’s name and email (the last person to post) are now on my computer in the sign in space. It didn’t save my own info.

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