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Kristen, EJ, and Sami discuss their real feelings for Stefano.

Jenn wants to move to London.

Kristen’s schemes come apart at the seams as Sy turns to Victor and Hope actually makes an arrest in Brady’s beating.

Gabi gets a shock when Kate leaps into the middle of the custody fight. Could this backfire on Kate?

Although he needs a lot of help, Daniel finally gets a clue about what Chloe has been up to.

Chloe makes a threat to Daniel!

Anne manages to discover Cameron’s scandalous alternative career.

Nicole and Vargas continue to pull closer together.

EJ hints at a proposal to Sami.

Daniel makes an emotional plea to Chloe.

Nicole and Vargas almost kiss.

Abigail and Chad try to alert Cameron of Anne being in the audience.

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  15 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    glad daniel finally is onto what chloe did, maybe. finding the passport helped and so did rafe when he found out nancy took parker out of the country. now, will he realize why jennifer did what she did?? remember, chloe weil be gone soon. i assume that parker will remain on the show.
    i just wish brady would realize what kristen is doing to him.

  2. From Larry

    Im so glad this forum is up again.Long time reader 1st time posting.Im so tired of this whole Dannifer thing and Chloe. It seems to just put me to sleep. I think Jennifer make Daniel boring.Also Jennifer should have just told Daniel about the way Chloe was blackmailing her.Im so glad April 15th she’s going going gone.

  3. From Kat

    Hi Larry, had your name and e-mail in my Spot,
    removed it, and typed in my name and e-mail,,,
    hope this will work now….Kat

    So agree with you about Jennifer and Dr. Dan.
    They are so boring, I can’t see any chemistry between those two..
    heck, he has more chemistry with “Bad” Chloe than with Jennifer.
    First there is Jack, then comes Nicole, then Chloe….
    enough already..
    If they are trying to make this into a “hit and miss” love story, Not…. I am actually sick of watching it….

    They both need new people in their lives, move on…

  4. From Kat

    Admin. my name and e-mail showed up again, so maybe it is working now…. Kat
    Also it does post instantly, I like that, ….it makes it so much more interesting to post, when you can almost have a conversation with other posters, back and forth….

    Wonderful news. Thank-you so much for testing it for us. Admin

  5. From Teecat

    I agree about the Danifer story line.
    That was so clever of Kate to have those papers drawn up for Gabi to sign. I’m surprised EJ (the lawyer) didn’t think of that.

    I think the Nick/Gabi/Will storyline is headed for a who-killed-Nick saga.

    Glad to see the tables are starting to turn on Kristan. I hope he finds out about her and don’t let her know until he is able to turn the tables on her. Let her think she is ahead of the game until BAM! What is taking so long for her to sock it to Brady?

  6. From Kat

    Well, maybe not so good,
    I just found Teecat’s name and e-mail in my spot…..
    I removed it, typed in my stuff again, and now we’ll see.

    Did anybody get my name and E-mail…..

  7. From Cindy

    I hope the forum stays open. I have not been able to watch much and everyone gives such good insight into what is happening. Thanks to all who post!!

  8. From Cindy

    It is still broken. I reloaded the page and my email was showing. :-(

  9. From Florentine


  10. From lc

    I’m just pondering a thought so bare with me here. Brady’s reaction to his father and Kristen seem a bit over the top. May Brady did actually hear her after all when she was speaking with Stefano about her plan to leave him at the alter etc etc. Maybe he is making his own “plan” and doesn’t want his father or Marlena to know that he is on to her and will out her true colours down the road…in his own way. But then Kristen will actually be in love with him but it will be too little too late!!! Just a thought is all :0)

  11. From laura

    ugh Jennifer is so BORING!! Why is she even on the show still she brings nothing to the show! Daniel and Chloe belong together, Jennifer and Daniel are so boring and have NO chemistry what’s so ever.. Jennifer just needs to step aside and allow Chloe and Daniel find their way back together so they could raise their child as a true family..I know Chloe is leaving the show again but it should be boring Jennifer leaving I can’t stand her boring character..I hope Chloe takes Parker with her when she leaves I wouldn’t leave my child with the hypocrite of Jennifer please Chloe take Parker with you and don’t leave him with Daniel he always puts Jennifers needs before Parker what a horrible thing to do!!

  12. From TerriK

    My name and email is coming up just fine :) I’ve missed all the convos and opinions in here.
    Please send Chloe Daniel and Jenn packin. Nancy too. Bad acting all. Around

  13. From Cindy

    I am with you TerriK. I miss everyone, too. I think it’s working now. Come on people!! Post! Post! Post. :-) I would even enjoy a good arguement! :-)

  14. From Deb

    Daniel owes Nicole a big APOLOGY. She was just trying to help and he treated her badly. He should not have slept with her when she was pregnant and then dump her like trash. Jen should not have yelled at her and then practically push her down the stairs. They should at least buy her a fruit basket or something, especially since she helped with Chloe.

  15. From Toni

    i am so over Daniel and Jennifer and Chloe! Daniel just comes off as stupid, Jennifer as a naive teenager. All Jennifer had to do was tell Daniel what Chloe was doing, I mean, why go through all of this! Nick and Gabi get on my nerves too. First time posting here.

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