General Hospital Weekly Summary For April 1-5.

Calling a truce.

Liz talked to the unconscious Nikolas about how much she loved him. He woke up. Meanwhile, Tracy taunted AJ over getting the recipe. They fought until Monica intervened and kicked her out. She yelled about Alan until he and Emily magically materialized to rehash the past. The Quartemaines decided to call a truce.

Bobbie encouraged Carly to stop moping around town and go to Australia to see Jax. Moments later, he showed up with fresh divorce appears, explaining that he was now engaged to Brenda. At that moment, Brenda popped up at Sonny’s door with the same news. He didn’t take it well. Neither did Carly, who showed up to eavesdrop on them. Later, she barged in on Jax when he was with Brenda and told her ex that Brenda threw herself at Sonny. Jax confronted her and Brenda admitted she asked Corinthos to try again. Jax dumped her.

On the Haunted Star, Dante managed to shoot Helena’s gun out of her hand before she could kill Laura. A shootout followed and Dante ordered Helena to take him to Lulu. She refused. He and Luke got below deck and found Ethan. Nik had called him back to town to help the family. Helena and her thugs cornered them and she ordered Laura to kill Ethan to save Lulu. Laura refused. Helena challenged her to shoot Luke instead. He grabbed the gun and shot Helena and her henchman.

Patrick tried getting in touch with Sabrina with no luck. His father, Noah, stopped by and they discussed women. Meanwhile, Felix gave Sabrina a makeover. Patrick hardly recognized her when he saw her. He told her how much he felt for her and they kissed.

The guests began arriving for the ball. Old friends began getting reacquainted and Felicia was pressured to finally choose one man. Frisco pushed Maxie to tell Spinelli about the baby. Across the room, Carly and Brenda got in a food fight until the blond had her old rival chucked out. Frisco went up to perform a song and proposed to Felecia at the end.

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