General Hospital Weekly Summary For April 15-19.

Coming and going.

Carly went off to lecture her son about Brenda and threatened to tell Sonny about their indiscretion. Michael went over and told him himself. Sonny was surprisingly ready to forgive him… but not Brenda. As soon as Michael left, Kate/Connie showed up. He claimed he wanted to be with both of them. She said that being with him again could make her relapse and kissed him goodbye. Connie went over to work and announced that she was taking her life back. Olivia showed up to lecture her for how she’d treated Sonny. Meanwhile, Carly was shocked to learn that Sonny knew of Brenda bedding Michael. He was unwilling to do anything about it. Brenda wasn’t even sure about what happened.

AJ and Tracy squared off over Pickle-Lila again as she threatened to start her own company. With Michael by his side, AJ ordered Shawn to remove the poster for Pickle-Lila from Kelly’s and they plotted their next move. Brenda showed up. AJ got in a few digs and left her with Michael. AJ paid Liz and Nik a visit at the hospital. He made it clear to the Cassadine that he was seeing the nurse.

Lucy called Alexis and Rafe to the courthouse and explained that she was petitioning for his custody. Lucy told the judge all about her husband and Sam was called in as a character witness. The judge turned her down. Lucy suggested that Sam should become his guardian. Sam wasn’t sure. Molly offered to run away with Rafe but he wouldn’t ask her to do that. Sam decided to take Rafe home with her instead.

Scotty and Bobbie mused about the life they could have had. Meanwhile, Dr. Obrecht left town and Britt to continue their plan. Britt went to work and blew up at Felix and Sabrina as they gossiped about the baby. When Patrick returned from dropping off his father at the airport, Britt told him she wasn’t going to have the baby. He told Sabrina. Down the hall, Britt got in the middle of an argument between nosy Ellie and Maxie over the real story around her baby. Following another mysterious baby, Spinelli went to see Heather for information about Franco’s daughter.

Dante and Lulu’s family cried over her frozen body. Suddenly, the cop heard a heartbeat and she revived… only she had no idea who they were. She was sure that she was Stavros’ wife. They managed to convince her to leave with them anyway.

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