General Hospital Weekly Summary For April 22-26.

She’s back but her memory isn’t.

Connie dragged Maxie into Crimson and offered her her old job back. Maxie was reluctant. Back at the hospital, Ellie continued digging for Maxie’s secret. Britt managed to stop her and then tipped Maxie off. Sabrina went to see Patrick. He worried about the abortion and admitted he didn’t know what he wanted. Britt showed up to declare she couldn’t go through with the termination alone. He agreed to go with her even if that meant cancelling a date with Sabrina. They went to the clinic and Sabrina was left to babysit. Meanwhile, Maxie confronted Ellie for snooping and told her off. Trout went ahead and got Spinelli to hack into Maxie’s records for her anyway.

Brenda confessed to Michael that they never had sex. She just wanted to annoy Carly. He felt used. After she left, his mom showed up. After he told her what really happened, she ran off to hunt Brenda down. At the airport, Brenda spilled the truth to Sonny and confessed that she still loved him. She tried to tempt him away to Rome but he wouldn’t go.

Laura, Luke, Lulu and Dante flew back to Port Charles. The cop tried to rekindle his wife’s memories by speaking about their baby but that only made her panic. Sonny and Olivia were waiting with balloons. Lulu shocked them by insisting that she didn’t know any of them. Laura decided to take her daughter to the hospital. Lulu ran off. Scotty was there, worrying to Nikolas about Laura getting away from him. He spotted Luke in the hall trying to calm Laura. As Laura went in to tell Nikolas that Stavros and Helena were dead, Luke blurted out to Scotty that he’d slept with Laura. Down the hall, Liz caught Nikolas getting dressed to help find Lulu. She tried convincing him to stay in bed. She stole his pants and ran off when Tracy arrived. She asked him to go into business with her. He was reluctant until she told him AJ was her rival. After she left, Liz showed up to say her relationship with AJ was over.

Milo got relationship advice at the bar from Sabrina and Connie. Lulu showed up, looking for a drink. She woke up the next morning in his bed. He slept on the floor and she realized Dante’s ring was missing. At that moment, Felicia accidentally bit into it after mistaking it for a peanut at the Floating Rib. Maxie wandered in and spotted the ring, explaining it was Lulu’s. Dante filled her in about his wife as Milo showed up. Milo went home and begged her to call Dante. She did but told him she wasn’t ready to return. And Duke romanced Anna with dinner. She was finally willing to put the Faison fiasco behind them and they went to the bedroom.

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