General Hospital Weekly Summary For April 8-12.

On ice.

At the ball, Felicia publicly turned down Frisco’s proposal, insisting she loved Mac. He promptly proposed and she agreed. Frisco decided to leave. As dancing commenced on stage, Richard Simmons locked Lucy in her room. She battled her way out and they fought onto the stage as half the men in town danced off it in their underwear. After the shenanigans ended, Patrick went up to speak about Robin. Watching from afar, Dr. Obrecht ordered Britt to prepare for the next part of her plan. Britt went on stage and announced she was pregnant. Emma was outraged. Patrick refused to talk to Britt and promised Sabrina that he wouldn’t let the other woman get between them.

Ellie overheard Maxie saying something about her baby and told Spinelli about it. Liz and AJ walked past them and began kissing after their performance. Everyone applauded Lucy for throwing the ball. The next day, AJ called Liz for a second date. Meanwhile, Carly burst into Brenda’s room and was shocked to find Michael in her bed. She threw water on Brenda and ordered her out of the hotel. Michael went off to see AJ and told him who he spent the night with. He wasn’t sure they actually had sex. Back at the Metro Court, Carly and Brenda attacked each other until security broke them up.

Scott and Bobbie waited for word on Luke and Laura. At that moment, Luke woke up in bed with Laura. They discovered they were locked in a little room. When they were allowed out, they were shocked to find Stavros waiting for them. Laura kept Luke from attacking him. Stavros explained that he’d been courting Lulu and he had Helena on ice. Down in the dungeon, Dante started his escape. He soon found Lulu floating in an ice chamber. As he tried to free her, alarms went off. Luke, Laura and Stavros ran down. They fought over Lulu’s body. Back in Port Charles, Maxie worried to Mac about Dante and Lulu not coming back for the baby. Over at GH, Alexis and Liz were at Nikolas’ side when he woke up. He filled them in about Stavros still being alive and abducting Lulu. Anna received news of the battle with Helena. She filled in Alexis and then Sonny and Olivia, who had both come to worry that their son was dead.

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