General Hospital Weekly Summary For March 25-29.

A familiar fight.

After watching a video Robin left him urging him to move on, Patrick went to see Sabrina as she received her diploma. She talked so much he couldn’t get a word in and then he was buzzed back to work. Milo asked her to the Floating Rib, much to Patrick and Emma’s chagrins. The next day, Milo told Patrick he would back off if the doctor had feelings for her. He tried calling her but Milo intercepted the call and deleted it. Meanwhile, Obrecht lectured Britt for letting Sabrina get between her and Patrick. She slapped her and ordered her to try harder.

The new Metro Court Ballroom was revealed. Sabrina and Felix toured it and bickered. He accused her of hurting their friendship by going out with Milo. Richard Simmons popped up to get everyone ready for their performances at the Ball. Since the music he was playing was full of the secrets of Port Charles, Lucy shut it down and he stormed off.

Nikolas arrived and Luke informed him of Lulu’s kidnapping. A second later, he was shot. The police began to swarm and grabbed Shawn. He insisted he wasn’t the shooter. Then he was shot. Dante and Anna managed to corner the real shooter but he committed suicide before they could get any information from him. Meanwhile, Nikolas was rushed into the hospital in critical condition. Olivia started having more visions. News of the shooting spread. Bobbie went over to the hospital where she and Laura caught Luke trying to wake up Nikolas. Laura refused to let him risk one of her children to save the other. Dante learned that the Haunted Star had sailed. He and Anna started to plan. Laura ran down to the harbor and took off in a helicopter. Luke and Laura were soon facing Helena on the Star. She was shocked to hear that Nikolas had been shot. As they argued and threatened each other, Dante began climbing on board.

Alexis took Shawn home to start his recovery. She and the Davis girls worried about Nikolas and what Helena was up to. Across town, Maxie pushed Felicia to make up her mind about which man she wanted. Mac was only speaking through his ventriloquist dummy. As he argued with Frisco, Felecia showed up and confessed she loved both of them. And Tracy tried bribing Ellie for the recipe test results with no luck. When she went back to ELQ, the results were delivered and she nabbed them. She sent AJ a note to rub it in his face.

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