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Good, bad and ugly, people made tough decisions and hurled nasty accusations all over the place last week as Katie confronted Brooke about her roll in the bed with Bill on “B&B,” Kate was caught on her knees on “DOOL,” Richard Simmons sang about Port Charles’ secrets on “GH,” and Victoria overheard news about Chelsea’s pregnancy on “Y&R.” Delicious Daytime fun.

B&B Breakdown:
The ladies in LA were not hip to new females sniffing around their men and really let the other women have it last week. “Katie finally got wise to the potential for disaster where her sister’s concerned, but it was probably too late,” Candace said. “Things have already gone too far between Bill and Brooke, who are mooning over each other whenever they’re apart – it’s practically destiny. They’re also justifying their closeness by blaming it all on Katie’s ‘demands’ – writing’s on the wall! With that said, Katie confronting Brooke was the definition of juicy drama!” And Caroline put Maya on notice in the Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
With Stefano back in Salem, Christine was hoping for sparks with Kate any way she could get it. “It’s a crying shame Stefano and Kate didn’t make it work but this new animosity for each other could be fun too,” she said. “She and Rafe seem to be building something out of their tryst, which is pretty light and causing quite the interesting stir. Sonny finding Kate on her knees in front of Rafe was funny, though his reaction was a little over the top. It’s a surprise, sure, but like Sami said, he seemed as though he saw a ghost.” Then Chloe pushed Nicole too far in the Days of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
While it was great to see Milo get a bit of a storyline last week, it wasn’t great seeing him resort to phone tampering. “Shawn drawing a line in the sand for Rafe in respect to Molly and TJ’s relationship might have been the most immature thing than anything else on the show this week, if not for the fact that Milo thought it was okay to delete messages from Sabrina’s phone,” Violette said. “Sure, he’s a gangster, but that is not what viewers have become accustom to when they think of Magic Milo. This is something Britt would do if it was Patrick receiving calls from Sabrina. Don’t go there with Milo.” And find out Britt’s parenting shocker in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Despite his family’s objections, Brady moved full-steam ahead on his plan to marry Kristen. “Love and extraordinary suffering was in the air for Holy Week in the less than holy land of the Salemites,” Matt said. “Brady is so slow that the beating he received a few months ago has now started to register. He had a headache so Daniel urged him to take an aspirin or at least see a neurologist. Maybe it was the fact that he has sex three times a day on the most bacteria caked surfaces in Salem that was getting to him?  In spite of the pain in his brain, Brady trailed around town to spread the news that he was planning to marry the most hated woman in town. John and Marlena were appalled. This scene was complicated by the fact that John kept trying on different eyebrow toupees since he burned his organic pair off by glaring into the sun too long. But try as he might, none of them quite managed to summarize the depth of his feelings.” Meanwhile, Chloe got crazy in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
Plot twists aplenty kept things thrilling in Genoa City last week. “Adam taking a bullet for Victor changed everything and yet nothing as Adam lapsed into a coma too soon to appreciate the new dynamic,” Candace said. “It was definitely interesting to see/hear the reactions to him saving Victor’s life, and the interaction between Sharon and Chelsea in the hospital. Bonus was Chelsea’s new attitude about telling Adam she’s preggers, and Victoria overhearing her admission. Loving this plot twist all the way around!” And Michael threatened Lauren with something permanent in the Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

Conrad learned something new about Victoria’s past in’s Revenge Recap: Masquerade.

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