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We had breakups with Jenn and Daniel on “DOOL,” hookups with Brooke and Bill on “B&B,” Sabrina’s long-awaited makeover on “GH,” and even a proposal on “Y&R.” Pretty standard soap stuff, but it managed to be entertaining and engaging all week long.

B&B Breakdown:
Well, they did it. Dollar Bill and Brooke gave in to their desires and hit the sheets. And while it was hot for sure, it might have been a tad premature. “I was looking forward to the day when they’d have a legit reason to get it on,” Candace said. “Unfortunately, the day they chose just seemed too soon to forget about Katie – someone should have put on the brakes. Now that she’s in the hospital it will be bye-bye afterglow, hello guilt city. Had they waited until a time in the future when Katie had chosen to move on with someone else or whatever I could have popped my corn and really enjoyed the Stallion and Filly show.” And Caroline got even more grating in the Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
It was a relatively low-key week in Salem, except for Jennifer’s delicious dressing down of Daniel in front of the entire hospital staff. Even Cameron’s reveal as a stripper was a bit anti-climactic given all the sneaking around. “What is this the 1990s?” Christine asked. “Nobody cares about this. This isn’t a big deal. We all knew and were friendly with girls at school who stripped and were escorts in order to pay their way through University. This isn’t exactly current. If he and Abigail made love and then she found out he was an escort, that would be a shock and she’d have reason to be disgusted but this? What a letdown!” And Will asked EJ to keep something from Sami in the Days of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
The people of Port Charles celebrated a big milestone last week with all kinds of juicy stories and even brought back past favorites. “This week the 50 year anniversary celebrations continued in high gear,” Violette said. “Compared to other major ‘GH’ milestones, this particular year stood out in the way of great storylines that tastefully encapsulated 50 years of history into a short period of time. The writers were able to keep relevancy between the old and new happenings in Port Charles. As outlined by Patrick in his tribute to Steve Hardy during Audrey’s visit, these are the stories that ‘General Hospital’ is known for and it is hard to find a better week of late where that legacy was honored as much as it was this week.” And find out what is going on aboard the Haunted Star in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Chad and Abby decided to follow Cameron to Chicago and totally got an eyeful. “He couldn’t strip in Salem since all of the strip joints had been torched by the local puritans,” Matt said. “It’s been a long time since they shut down Beefcakes where Peter used to dance. Abby was totally shocked to see her boyfriend’s bulge being stuffed by a load of hooting horny ladies. Chad decided it was time to unveil his stand-up comedy routine. His half-sister’s half-brother didn’t appreciate it. Abby could hardly close her eyes. It was unclear whether she was more shocked by seeing that much male flesh or discovering that the most massive thing about Cameron was his debt.” Meanwhile, Sami and Lucas got into it in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
Lauren gave in to lust but it may have been too much for too long. “Lauren giving in to ‘one last time’ was a bit weird, but even stranger was how she stayed all night until morning and then suddenly got angry with herself,” Candace said. “Huh? Why didn’t she leave right after they did the deed? In any case, Michael was acting cagey. I think he’s either begun to put two and two together, or he already knows about Lauren and Carmine, or at least that she’s lying. Either way, now that Lauren’s finally ready to let him off the hook and reconcile – she may be the one in for a shock.” And Delia made a visit to her daddy in the Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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