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It was all about getting into everyone else’s business on Daytime last week. Taylor was relentless in her pursuit of catching Bill and Brooke in a lie on “B&B,” Anne overheard some juicy bits about Cam and decided to see for herself on “DOOL,” Tyler laid a kiss on someone else’s wife on “Y&R.” As for “GH,” long-dead Stavros was back. That messed up all kinds of people.

B&B Breakdown:
While the wedding chat was a nice pick-me-up, the drama at the hospital was what compelled all week, especially considering Bill and Brooke seemed more concerned with their secret than Katie’s health. “I think what added insult to injury was the afterglow bit, since they appeared to have no guilt, or a thought at all for Katie,” Candace said. “Wild! At the hospital, they seemed almost as concerned about whether they were going to get blamed, as they were about Katie’s prognosis. I loved the vintage Brooke moment where she sat at Katie’s bedside and tearfully professed her love, saying, ‘I’d do anything for you.’ Hehe. Yep, anything but stay away from her husband when she asked you to!” And Caroline got an eyeful of big Hercules in the Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
Laura was back in Salem offering solace to Jennifer, and nothing like how we remembered her.  “All I remember about Laura is how unstable and whiny she was in the past,” Christine said. “Not the case today. She was a rock. It was strange to see her with Jenn after being gone for so long. Jenn did find solace. I guess. The scene was at times painful to watch with Jennifer acting so erratic and talking in circles. Even stranger was to learn that Laura lives at the rectory in Salem – same walls and doors!” And then Cameron met Stefano in the Days of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
The ball wrapped up with some big hits and even bigger misses – like Frisco’s ill-fated proposal to Felicia. “The ball carried on into the beginning of this week bringing entertainment, disappointment and craziness,” Violette said. “Starting with Frisco, one can only say, he can really get on a girl’s nerve. What a disappointment he was this week, first proposing to Felicia in a crowded ballroom, then ditching his only surviving daughter to go lick his wounds someplace other than Port Charles. It was a little confusing though when Felicia said she should have told him weeks ago. It didn’t seem like she knew weeks ago that she was sure.” And find out where Luke and Laura are in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Half of Salem made the trek to Chicago to see if Cameron was as good as they all heard. “Wishing to help Cam in his hard times, Abba moaned loudly and publicly about his secret life as a pelvic gyrator until Anne overheard,” Matt said. “She decided to head straight to Chicago to discover what Doogie has been hiding under his lab coat. Chad and Abby motored after her. Chadsworth managed to get Milbauer too drunk to know what was going on, but they could have another problem… Caroline showed up to watch the show and couldn’t help but notice that she’d ladled the lad’s chowder before.” Meanwhile, Brady made a positive ID in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
We learned that Avery and Dylan have more to their past than old love – there was a baby too. “Avery clearly has unfinished business with Dylan,” Candace said. “I knew as soon as Nick lectured Avery about not knowing how it feels to be a parent, that she’d had a baby, or lost one, and then off she went to find Dylan and asked if he thought about their baby. Bam. The idea of Dylan and Avery getting back together is vaguely intriguing – but I worry that after the initial passion of reconnecting, they’d be shacked up in Snoozeville. Dylan’s sexy, but his personality needs a jolt or something.” And Delia made a visit to her daddy in the Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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