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The ladies of Daytime were ready to fight last week, as Hope decided she wasn’t going down without one last try on “B&B,” Chelsea snapped at Chloe on “Y&R,” and Kristen went dumpster diving to protect her secret on “DOOL.” As for Lulu on “GH,” she forgot to fight – and everything else.

B&B Breakdown:
Steffy may be pregnant, but that didn’t stop her from adding a personally outrageous twist to her wedding day. “It was such a relief that Steffy and Liam were allowed to be genuinely happy in the lead up to their wedding instead of marring it with a bunch of ‘dreaded triangle’ innuendo and doubt,” Candace said. “All the family interactions were really well done too – realistic dialogue as opposed to saying dippy things that make it sound like they’re living in a fairytale just because it’s a wedding. Liam’s words to Hope were believable too – people do think about paths not taken. Anyway, it was classic Steffy to roar up the driveway on a motorcycle dressed in a black lacy outfit – loved it!” And Katie got another chance on Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
The star player in Salem last week was the envelope, as there was no telling where it would finally end up. “Skeevy Sy and his sleazy pal should work as Stefano’s henchman,” Christine said. “They’re about as smart as any Stefano has ever had working for him. That envelope should have been personally delivered to Victor’s hands. Because of their stupidity, it was a concern at one point that we’d be watching as this envelope made its way from Salemite to Salemite for weeks. It went from Sy’s hands to Sy’s buddy, to Kristen, on to Brady, to Victor, back to Kristen, then back to Brady, to Marlena, back to Brady, then – strangely enough, into Ciara’s little manicured paws. Very twisty!” And find out what Caroline thought of Cameron’s show in the Days of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
How quick the tables turned in Port Charles. “Now who has the attitude going on?” Violette asked. “BFFs Sabrina and Felix were working harder at pressing Britt’s buttons than at nursing. They spent more time together than any other couple in Port Charles this week. Elizabeth and Nikolas was a close second as Liz paraded around as his personal nurse. Who can blame her? He was shot in the chest. There’s no telling how many wound checks need to be done. The viewers can appreciate this attention to detail.” And find out who came and left last week in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Kristen proved she wasn’t above getting very, very dirty to protect her plan. “Even if Sy was sleeping with the clams, he was still making Kristen’s life a nightmare,” Matt said. “She ran around in a tizzy about where the envelope of doom had gone once it had fallen out of her clutches. As usual, Brady couldn’t get a job as the village idiot if he’d had Einstein’s resume. That’s what made him such a great business leader in Salem. When he wasn’t contemplating his problems with Mr. Wang, he was completely perplexed about how to open an envelope. They weren’t even the spit sealed kind. Kristen started dumpster diving for it only to discover that the trash had already gone to the dump. But the envelope had actually fallen into the hands of the quickest witted member of the Brady clan: Ciara.” Meanwhile, Chloe left town in unspectacular fashion in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
There were some great twists and turns in Genoa City last week that made for delicious Daytime television. “It was crazy that Billy gambled this week, but winning On The Boulevard was totally unexpected – and perfect,” Candace said. “Best line of the week, by far, was Adam telling Billy he now had to go home and explain to Victoria how he went out for a beer and came home with a restaurant. Billy and Adam both knew what a fix he was in, which made it hilarious. So Billy’s lying to Victoria about the restaurant, and she also may be lying – to herself – about what’s driving her return to Newman. Interesting twists!” And Carmine pushed at Michael in the Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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