The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Another Shot.

Giving it a go.

Rick thinks that Hope ought to bite the bullet and accept that chasing after Liam is a doomed enterprise. Instead, she should just try hooking up with Oliver again. After all, he only slept with her mother and everyone does that. Is Rick’s wisdom on the mark this time?

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Rick’s been making romantic moves of his own. What do you think of the latest? Let us know by being sure to vote in our B&B Poll: Rick’s Decision.

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  1. From cathy richardson

    Hope and Oliver need to try again..they have both grown up and he still loves her. Liam amd Steffy are a great power couple. I love that Taylor and Eric are sooo happy.

  2. From wild country

    Liam & Hope make the Great Couple! to me it make me sick seeing Steffy getting what see what’s all the time.come on write ya’ll miss up Hope as it is Don’t put her with Olive! I know a woman wouldn’t take a man back after what he did!but I think only on a soap that would happen,just like Liam get back with Steffy &marring her after beening with his dad,I like the show just don’t care how ya’ll are writing the soap line’s.I still watch the soap.

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