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Once she gets off of her motorcycle, Steffy, the pregnant bride in black lace, can start her wedding to Liam. Although things are motoring along at the Forresters, Hope is working herself into a tizzy about the whole thing. She plans to interrupt the ceremony and get the man she loves back. Her attempts to concoct a last minute scheme falls flat but Oliver is there to help her pick up the pieces.

With Bill by her side, Katie’s condition rapidly improves. Bill impresses her by offering a token of his commitment and they try to put their marriage back on the rails. As Bill is giving his wife gifts, Lt. Baker pops up to see Brooke and has some questions for her. As the cop tries to get to the bottom of what really happened in the accident, Taylor manages to find the time to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Even though Rick has made it clear that he’s moved on with Maya, Caroline still is not letting him go. Her last plan to break them up was a flop but she’s got a new one cooking. Carter hears all about it since she wants him involved. Soon, Caroline nearly loses the plot when she hears that Rick has named Maya the face of Hope For The Future.

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  4 responses so far...

  1. From Kathy

    Steffy and Bill should be together, can’t stand the way Steffy’s character ran after Liam. She really didn’t do right by Hope. Hope and Liam should be together.

  2. From Lisa

    Really wanted Hope & Liam together, but now I see Liam as a wishy-washy, Daddy-pleaser. Hope deserves a real man. Let Steffy and Liam stay together, but cut some of those repetitive kissing scences. Do they not have anything to talk about. My goodness their lips have to be worn out by now.

  3. From BJade

    I wish people would stop saying Hope and Liam should be together. Hope was too young and immature for Liam, that is why they are not together. She has continually behaved like a child. She had so many chances to be with him and she blew it, nobody else but her. I am so tired of hearing how she was cheated. Get over it already.

  4. From hillbilly

    I sick of people saying Hope was young and immature, that was don’t why Liam & Hope didn’t work out because what she was thinking was right for her self & also help young girl’s to make there choies & having Steffy going after your man and putting you down,also useing her body and Liam dad putting Hope down talling his son take his left overs would be more better then Hope, come on that’s way Liam & Hope didn’t have the chances,so I would like Hope get good man , THAT’S don’t Olive .

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