The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For April 15-19.

Motoring to the wedding.

Brooke worried to Bill that they had broken her sister’s heart. He put the blame on Katie but Brooke still felt guilty. They went to see her at the hospital. Katie woke up and grumbled about her ring. Brooke and Bill bickered about this. She pushed him to slip Katie’s ring back on. Once he did, Katie said she would never take it off again. She had clearly forgotten that Bill and Brooke slept together. Brooke encouraged him to try again with her sister and left with tears in her eyes. Over at Forrester, the gossip about Brooke and Bill continued. Liam insisted he still wanted Katie and his father at his wedding. He and Steffy made wedding plans while Taylor and Donna argued about Brooke. Donna was sure her sister would do the right thing.

Katie rested up at home. Brooke told Bill that they were over but she would never forget what they had. Meanwhile, Oliver offered Hope a shoulder to sob on about Liam and Steffy getting married. The bride and groom-to-be were busy teasing each other about their wedding plans. He went to see Hope to remind her that what they had was special but they couldn’t keep dwelling on what might have been. She moped. Meanwhile, Bill agreed to stand up for his son at the wedding. They went over to Forrester for the ceremony and Bill wished the couple all the best. Taylor gave Steffy the diamond necklace Stephanie once gave her. Moments later, the bride rode up to the groom on a motorcycle.

Rick told Maya that her story was what Hope For The Future was all about. Caroline showed up to hiss at them. She wasn’t happy to learn that her rival would be working there and started barking. She went off and pushed Carter to continue his plan to snatch Maya away.

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