The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For April 8-12.

Back in the hospital.

Dr. Meade called Brooke and Bill to the hospital. Katie had suffered from heart failure since she’d missed anti-rejection meds. Brooke and Bill begged her to wake up. Donna arrived and noticed Katie was no longer wearing her ring. She put things together. Bill insisted that Katie had ended things and thrown them together. Meanwhile, Liam and Hope babysat Will again. Taylor showed up to see Katie but she was nowhere to be found. Hope called her mom who tipped her off. Taylor stormed over to the hospital and threw blame at Bill and Brooke. Everyone else was getting suspicious too. The shrink started insinuating things to Donna and vowed to find out who put Katie in the hospital.

Taylor continued blaming Brooke for what happened to Katie and convinced Eric that relaunching Brooke’s Bedroom was a bad idea. Meanwhile, Steffy and Liam hung out and yapped about how happy they were. Taylor and Eric offered to organize their wedding. Steffy was sure it would be epic. The four of them danced together. Taylor ran off to pre-emptively warn Hope to stay away from the wedding. After they sniped at each other for awhile, Hope watched Liam and Steffy playing by the pool and wept.

Caroline kept laying into Rick about Maya. She called the adult film set to see how the set-up went. It turned out that Maya had stormed off after learning the movie was a porno. Caroline went over to demand her money back. Then she went off to Forrester and moaned to Dayzee about Maya. She tried encouraging Carter to chase after Maya. He went straight to her place and asked her out. She let him drive her to her date with Rick instead.

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