The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For March 25-29.

Dangerous driving.

Katie tried forcing Bill to promise not to get involved with her sister. He didn’t like her telling him what to do. He refused to give Brooke the brush-off so Katie stormed off. Bill admitted to the blond that he felt like he married the wrong sister. When he went home, he found Taylor fueling Katie’s worries. After more arguing, he asked his wife to bed, but she shot him down. As he thought of Brooke, Brooke was busy fending off accusations from Donna and daydreaming about Bill.

Katie and Bill continued arguing about his involvement with Brookeꞌs Bedroom. He drank and told her that being a mom had changed her into a completely different person. Over at Forrester, Taylor lectured Eric for wasting resources on Brookeꞌs line. Then she went off to harass the blond about Bill. Later, Brooke had a visit from Katie, who ordered her to stay away from Bill. Meanwhile, Bill growled to Alison about his wife while he drank. Brooke called him up and he said they needed to hash things out. He drove off and straight into Brooke as she was coming from the opposite direction.

Caroline continued bothering Rick to spend more time with her. He complained to his sister and worried he’d messed things up with Maya. Meanwhile, Carter asked Maya out while Dayzee took it upon herself to inform Caroline that Rick had been chasing after Maya. Dayzee and Marcus bumped into Maya when Carter brought her to the Forrester mansion for a meal. Rick also showed up, which led to some awkwardness. He decided to go and Maya trailed after him. The Forrester apologized for being dishonest and tried to tell her about his feelings when Dayzee showed up to drag her back to her date. Maya started telling Eric all about her relationship with his son while Dayzee kept reminding everyone that Rick was dating Caroline. Maya went out to the guesthouse, only to find a half naked Caroline throwing herself at him. The next day, Caroline told Maya to stay away from her man. Dayzee arrived as Caroline tore into Maya. Dayzee actually sided with the Spencer. Caroline convinced Dayzee not to let Rick volunteer anymore. Maya went to see Rick and wondered why he was dating such a bitch. He started kissing her.

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