The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary April 1 – 5.

Sharon took charge, Wheeler was caught, and Nick punished Summer…

Adam woke up and didn’t remember Chelsea’s admission about the baby. Vikki thanked Adam for saving their father but never confronted Chelsea about overhearing her baby confession. Later, Chelsea experienced abdominal pain. After an examination a doctor deemed the baby to be fine. Victor was furious when Sharon took over Newman at Adam’s insistence. Over talk of Adam saving Victor’s life, Victor apologized to Adam and acknowledged him as his son.

Jack and Victor worked with Paul and Alex to nail Wheeler. With Paul and Alex hidden, Victor and Jack accused Wheeler of killing Belinda Rogan. Wheeler warned they’d never prove their theories. Paul assured Jack and Victor they would have full immunity in regards to Stephanie Wheeler’s death. Avery was furious when Gus’ appeal had been denied. Later, through DNA analysis Paul and Alex told Leslie they had proof Wheeler murdered her mother. Leslie relayed the news to Tyler who went to see his father. Wheeler heard there was a warrant out for his arrest and planned to take Jack and Victor down with him.

Nick found Dylan at Avery’s, who explained Dylan couldn’t leave town for a month due to his arrest for the bar fight. Nick rehired Dylan so he could pay restitution but wanted Dylan to leave town as soon as possible. Later, Nick proposed to Avery.

Cane snapped at Tyler for his interactions with Lily. Lily explained what Cane walked in on. Cane demanded Lily draw a line with Tyler then went to support Katherine, who’d undergone tests for memory loss. Jill heard the charitable foundation never received their donations – the ones Chloe stole and Kevin sold – and told Katherine Adriana must have stolen them.

Summer told Phyllis her move to the fashion division wouldn’t keep her from Kyle. After hearing about Summer’s bullying from Phyllis Nick scolded his daughter and ordered her to do community service. Later, Summer snuck into Kyle’s bed, nude, and revealed herself when he emerged from the shower.

Lauren told Michael she wanted their family back then lied about having a work crisis in order to sleep with Carmine one more time. After staying out all night, Lauren returned home to Michael.

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