The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary April 15 – 19.

Dylan proposed, Billy gambled, and Adam was released…

Avery admitted to Dylan she hadn’t told Nick about the baby they lost. Dylan thought if they’d been able to grieve their child together they’d be married. He proposed. Avery turned Dylan down, claiming she couldn’t go back and wanted a life with Nick. While Dylan returned an engagement ring to a jeweler, Faith lashed out at Avery over the engagement.

Sharon brought Adam home then gave Chelsea the cold shoulder when she asked about him. Sharon spotted Chelsea’s pre-natal vitamins. Chelsea insisted the baby wasn’t Adam’s. Sharon told Adam about the pregnancy. Adam found Chelsea talking to Dylan and demanded to know if he slept with his pregnant wife.

Victor reminded Nick and Vikki how Adam risked his life and ordered them to be on their best behavior. Adam insisted on remaining as CEO and appointed Victor as his right-hand man. Vikki decided to go back to Newman as well, which upset Billy, and Sharon quit – not wanting to get between Adam and Victor.

Lauren tried to reconnect with Michael but thought of Carmine and flinched at her husband’s touch. Michael walked out on Lauren. Later, Carmine spotted Michael at the bar and poured him a strong drink. Billy arrived and joined Adam, Carmine, Michael, Mason and the owner of On The Boulevard in a poker game. Carmine, the first one out, warned Michael he’d be taking something from him before the night was over. He went to Michael’s apartment and kissed Lauren. She vowed to save her marriage and sent him away. Billy won the restaurant in the poker game but lied and told Vikki he bought On The Boulevard. Vikki was furious he hadn’t talked to her first. Billy tried to give the restaurant back to Barry, but he wouldn’t accept it.

Lily warned Tyler a kiss could never happen again but assured him of their friendship. Later, Lily appeared jealous when a girl arrived at Jabot looking for Tyler. Across town, as Leslie tried to deal with Gus and his sudden outbursts he had a heart attack.

Alex questioned Kevin about the stolen items at the Chancellor Estate. Kevin pinpointed Adriana then privately gave Chloe some stolen jewelry.

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