The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary April 8 – 12.

Avery gave Nick an answer, Summer caught Kyle’s eye, and Victor and Adam made a decision…

Kyle forced Summer to get dressed and claimed he was into someone else to deter her. Abby told Summer the same when she continued hitting on him then scolded Kyle for not turning away quick enough when Summer appeared in a sexy dress. Abby informed Nick of Summer’s Kyle obsession just as Avery accepted Nick’s proposal. Nick warned Summer away from Kyle and ordered Kyle to stay away as well. Kyle assured Nick he would but claimed other guys might not – due to Summer’s new look. Across town, Avery asked Dylan if he ever thought about their baby. Dylan had, all the time.

Vikki told Nikki about the fertilization treatments and swore her to secrecy. After Victor and Adam made a truce, Victor warned Jack to watch out. Nikki heard Victor and Adam were going to run Newman together and warned Adam against hurting Victor. Vikki wasn’t pleased by the news or to hear Victor sold Adam his penthouse.

Wheeler was arrested for Belinda Rogan’s murder. Tyler returned to Genoa City with his father and met Leslie at the station. Wheeler denied killing Belinda, and Tyler attacked him. Leslie asked Gus to move in with her. Tyler reminded her that Gus made their lives hell as kids and refused to act like a happy family. Cane and Lily continued to argue over Tyler. While Cane went to be with Katherine, who found out she had a tumor pressing on a nerve in her brain, Tyler kissed Lily.

Lauren warned Carmine they couldn’t be friends then tried to ease Paul’s suspicions about ‘her and the bartender’. Though Michael wanted to start marriage counseling Lauren suggested they get out of town. Michael refused her. Later, Carmine arrived at Lauren’s and passionately kissed her goodbye. He ran into Paul on his way out and claimed he’d returned Lauren’s credit card.

Adriana asked Noah to move in with her and shared she came into some money. Noah agreed to. Meanwhile, Kevin and Chloe overheard Jill blaming Adriana for the stolen items they stole and sold. Kevin reassured Chloe about Adriana taking the fall. Jill confronted Adriana, who quit because of the constant accusations. Cane urged Katherine to tell Jill about her memory loss. At Johnny’s birthday party Kevin and Chloe noticed expensive items at Vikki’s. Kevin suggested they steal from Vikki next. Later, Adriana went missing, and Alex didn’t share Noah’s concern.

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