The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary March 25 – 29.

Adam was shot, Vikki overheard Chelsea, and Jack and Victor teamed up…

Adam was shot while trying to protect Victor. After Alex arrested Bob, Billy successfully cut the wire to the bomb. Sharon rushed to the hospital to see Adam, who needed surgery to repair his lungs. Victor begged the doctor to save his son. Chelsea arrived after Sharon called and told Victor Adam craved his love. When Adam got out of surgery, Chelsea suggested that Victor allow Sharon to see him first. Adam tried talking to Sharon about Newman before slipping into a coma. Later, Chelsea told an unconscious Adam that he was going to be a father. Vikki overheard.

Jack and Victor teamed up against Wheeler and vowed to prove he sent the killer to the ranch. At the station, Paul and Alex noticed how Bob tensed up around Wheeler. Though Bob refused to talk, Alex found a photo of Wheeler and his daughter – the dead prostitute that was seen with Jack. They wondered if Wheeler had something on Jack and Victor.

Neil confronted Wheeler about having an affair with Leslie’s mother. Wheeler denied it, as Neil commented on the scandal it would create if the truth got out. Across town, Leslie apologized for not believing her father and planned to testify on his behalf. Tyler planned to testify for the prosecution.

Kyle assured Phyllis that Summer simply spilled coffee on her shirt. Phyllis warned Kyle not to lead Summer on, lectured her daughter then canceled her trip with Jack. Phyllis asked Neil to move Summer out of the main office and over to the fashion line.

Avery sadly hugged Dylan goodbye as he made plans to return to Chicago. Before he left, Dylan punched a guy at a bar, who called him a loser. Later, just as Nick was about to reveal a ring and propose to Avery, she got a call about Dylan’s fight.

Chloe showed Kevin a box of valuables that Katherine planned auction off for charity and suggested they keep them to help with their debt. Meanwhile, Cane convinced Katherine to go to the hospital after she admitted to having memory loss issues. Later, Cane found Lily comforting Tyler, who revealed his past troubles.

Lauren continued to avoid Michael, who suggested they file a legal separation. Lauren wanted to save her marriage and told Carmine it was over. He requested one final night with her.

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