Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For May 16.

The Happiest Guy On The Earth.

At Casa DiMera, Kristen tells Brady that she’s not turning her back on her family and, if he can’t handle it, they should call the wedding off. This doesn’t make sense to him. She explains that he’s too good and she’ll hurt him. Kristen begs him to take the exit she’s giving him. He’s still confused. Maggie barges in with a wedding gift. Kristen leaves them alone. Maggie starts prying. Brady tells her that his father is the problem. He storms out.

JJ interrupts Jenn and Daniel making out at the Horton house. “You sure are around here a lot,” JJ observes. They have a passive-aggressive conversation and JJ asks if he can play with Parker’s train. He heads upstairs. Jenn hands Daniel her copy of “Revolting Rhymes.” He blabs about his MP3 player. JJ returns and listens as this conversation drags on. Eventually, he asks if he can borrow his mom’s MP3 player but Daniel lends him his instead. JJ jogs away. After the doctor goes, Maggie drops in and Jenn talks about how great Daniel is. JJ later drops by the hospital to see Daniel and explains that his MP3 player was hit by a truck. He hands him the pieces. “Bummer,” he adds.

Lucas drops by the hospital to see Sami and Rafe. “I can’t lose him.” she moans to Lucas. She tells him that his mom was sleeping with Rafe. “She always has a talent for humiliating herself,” he says. They argue about whether or not EJ was involved in the attack. Gabi shows up to hear this. Sami tells her not to listen to Lucas. He and Sami bicker about that until she flounces off. Over at the station, Hope is in her office worrying about Rafe. Kate shows up. The detective wonders why Kate didn’t tell her that she was sleeping with Hernandez. Kate insists Stefano didn’t know until after the attack. Hope questions her about the relationship. Kate says they didn’t talk much and doesn’t appreciate all of the condescending remarks. She walks out. Kate meets her son at Caffeinated for more condescending remarks about the Rafe affair. They’re both sure that Sami will always suspect EJ. Meanwhile, Sami heads to the station to answer some questions from Hope. The detective soon says this repetitive conversation is unconvincing. Gabi suddenly shows up and says she remembered something. She tells them about the call EJ got at the pub after the attack. Across town, some dude reads about Rafe’s attack in the paper then crumples it up and dumps it in the trash. He heads to the hospital with some flowers and hangs around outside of Rafe’s door.

Outside of the pub, Marlena is shocked that John wants a divorce. He thinks she deserves better. The shrink slaps him for that. “You disgust me!” she says. He used to be action man, now he’s nothing man. She storms away. He chases her down. They rehash everything that’s happened since Kristen came back. Kristen suddenly pops up. “I guess I’ll go,” Marlena says. She leaves. John tells Kristen about the divorce and wipes away a solitary tear. Kristen hopes he meets someone new and walks off. Brady shows up. The two Blacks bicker. “I’m done with this conversation,” John declares. He leaves. Kristen comes back. Brady says he’s not marrying her family, he’s marrying her. He thinks she should become Kristen Black and make him the happiest guy on the earth. She has to think it over. Brady wanders off and runs into Marlena. She’s sobbing. Back outside of the square, John corners Kristen and asks if she is still going to marry his son.

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