Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For May 17.

I Think You’re An Idiot.

Ciara is in the square with the envelope of doom. Nicole pops up and asks what she’s doing. “It’s private. You know what means?” Ciara shoots back. Caroline shows up and sits with Nic while Ciara and Johnny play My Little Pony. Nic and Ma Brady discuss Eric, Rafe and Sami’s idiocy. Meanwhile, Johnny asks Ciara to show him what’s in her envelope. She tells him what’s in her envelope isn’t for boys. He tries to take it from her Caroline comes over and stops them. Johnny grabs the envelope when Ciara isn’t looking.

Brady finds a miffed Marlena outside the pub. She asks him to make the last three months disappear. She’s about to storm off when Eric pops up. He tries comforting her. The three of them go into the pub. She tells him that she is not giving up on John. The shrink starts lecturing Brady. He says his father is jealous of him and tells her to give up on John just like he has. She walks off. The priest tells Brady that he’s full of it. “I think you’re an idiot,” Eric adds. Brady asks him to the wedding anyway. The priest can’t do that to his mom and leaves. Nicole comes in and tries cheering Brady up with a gift. He runs off. She heads to the rectory to ask Eric if he’s going to the wedding. He’s not.

Outside of the square, John asks Kristen if she is still going to marry Brady. She tells him to go away. He tells her that’s not what she wants. They go around in circles. Some random kids kick a soccer ball at them. While John is distracted, she pulls out a piece of paper and drops it. John tells her that Brady doesn’t need to know about them. He molests her elbow so she slaps him and storms away. He’s smug and notices the piece of paper. It’s a bill for the Salem Inn. He cocks his head. Meanwhile, Brady heads to Casa DiMera, Kristen promises him that tomorrow is going to be the greatest day. They chat about his dad. She’s sure that John will end up back with Marlena once the wedding is over. He gets a call and has to leave to take care of something.

At the station, Sami paces as Gabi tells Hope about the call EJ got after Rafe was attacked. Sami moans and rolls her eyes as she defends Elvis. “How stupid can you really be?” Gabi asks her. She reminds her of all of the things EJ has done to her family… and Sami’s. Gabi starts blaming herself and her muffin cravings for this. Hope realizes there were no muffins at the crime scene. The pregnant lady stomps off. Sami huffs. Hope and Sami argue about Elvis. Sami tries reassuring herself that she can trust EJ. She heads to Caffeinated and flashes through her past problems with Elvis. Meanwhile, Hope picks up Ciara and they go back to the office. Hope gets a call about the prisoner who was released.

At Caffeinated, Sonny and Will get confirmation that Nick’s alibi checks out but Sonny doubts it anyway. Meanwhile, EJ drops by the hospital and asks about Rafe. The nurse won’t say anything. He threatens her job and she runs away. He turns around and spots a dude with flowers. EJ follows him. Meanwhile, Nick meets up with Vargas in an alley. He hands him his cash. Vargas is pleased and offers him a reward. Nick says they are done but Vargas says this is just the beginning and stomps off. Nick heads over to the hospital and runs into EJ. They bicker. Gabi pops up. EJ instantly strolls away. Gabi tells Nick about the muffin issue and that her brother was planning to talk to her about him. Will and Sonny arrive. Nick insists on taking his wife away to talk. After they leave, the dude reappears and shoves his flowers in the trash. Out in the square, Nick assures his wife that the muffin matter is just a coincidence. Suddenly, the dude pops. “Nick Fallon! I even recognize you from behind,” says the dude named Jensen. He has a gun in his pocket and asks Nick to go somewhere private. Jensen insists that Gabi come along. Back at Caffeinated, Sami asks EJ if he had something to do with Rafe’s attack.

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