Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For May 20.

Whoopie World.

At the office, Hope gets a call about the prison release letter she was supposed to have received. She lectures some cop for not giving it to her. He explains he gave it to Ciara “He’s lying!” lies Ciara. Hope sends the cop away and asks her daughter for the truth. Ciara points to the letter right behind her mom’s desk. Hope heads to the rectory to see Vargas. She shows him Jensen’s mug shot and explains he’s free. He’s shocked that anyone would ever let him out. Hope’s clueless about what to do so he suggests she talk to Nick. He explains that Jensen targeted Nick, beat him and raped him, but Nick got revenge.

In the square, Jensen orders Nick and Gabi to go with him. Sonny and Will spot them. Jensen leads them away. Will and Sonny follow. They get on the ferry and go out to Smith Island. Jensen forces Nick to tell her they were in jail together. Jensen got put in solitary because of Nick. He pulls out a gun. Will and Sonny watch from the bushes. Gabi cries and Nick begs Jensen to let her go. Jensen pistol whips him and then marches them away. They go to a shed and he makes Gabi tie Nick up and then ties her up too. He confirms he attacked Rafe. Will and Sonny arrive outside and hear this. Sonny runs off to get help. Jensen explains that he went after Nick in the alley but attacked Rafe by accident. He hears something outside so he gags them and goes out to look. As soon as he’s gone, Will runs in to cut them loose. Sonny returns. Nick and Will tell Sonny to get Gabi out of there. Nick tells Will to run and leave him to die alone. They debate this until they hear Jensen return. Will hides. Jensen notices Gabi’s gone and he’s not happy. Out in the woods, Gabi starts going into labor.

RicarBo informs Stefano that Kate is at the hospital. He makes sure that Stefano will have full access to Hernandez. Over at the hospital, Maxine won’t let Kate in to see Rafe because there’s a tech in there. They discuss Rafe’s soul until Kate is allowed in. As she holds Rafe’s hand, Stefano stares in at them. He sneers and rolls his eyes as Kate sobs to Rafe about how he gave her back her soul.

At Caffeinated, Sami asks EJ if he had anything to do with what happened to Rafe. She confronts him about what Gabi overheard. He says that’s nothing and tells her to go to hell. He leaves. She chases him home and demands answers. She yells and screams. He says she can hold her breath and turn blue but he’s not telling her anything other than that he hates Rafe. EJ thought they were building something new and tells her she can recycle the ‘train wreck’ of the past four years on her own. If she can’t trust him, she can get lost. They scream at each other until he kisses her, picks her up and brings her upstairs. After sex, she asks him to tell her who he was talking to on the phone.

Chad calls Abby to Caffeinated and gives her a motorcycle helmet so she can ride with him. They discuss their hair and she gives him a peck on the cheek. Cameron shows up and gets territorial. The espresso maker starts ‘throwing up’ so Chad leaves to take care of it. The doctor gets called off to work. Chad returns and tells Abby that he got them tickets to the grand opening of Whoopie World. She happily agrees to go with him. “Wait… is this a set-up?” she asks. He claims it’s not a date.

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