Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For May 6.

Holy Barnacles!

Someone lurks outside of Jenn’s as she departs, noting the door was open. Over at the hospital, Daniel is chatting with Maxine. They wonder where Anne is. The babysitter brings Parker in. “G’morning little duuuuude!” the doctor growls as he picks him up. Jenn arrives. “Holy barnacles!” Daniel says. She pulls out the train she sat on this morning and hand sit to the kid. Jenn and Dan make out. Anne shows up and gags. Jenn heads to her office and Anne follows her. Milbauer rolls up her sleeves and threatens to fully enforce the hospital’s codes of conduct and that means no more PDAs. Daniel appears as Milbauer lectures. After Jenn walks off, Anne tells ‘golden boy’ that his magic hands do not not make him the boss of her. He explains that Chloe told him about the shady things she helped her do. The doctor threatens to tell Mr. Burns if she misbehaves again. Jenn returns. “High-ho, it’s back to work I go,” says Anne, walking off. She huffs and puffs and complains to Maxine about the Horton. She’s sure that someone will teach her a lesson. Back at the Horton house, someone picks up a photo of Jenn and Daniel.

Marlena is outside of Hourglass gorping at a wedding photo in the window. Roman bumps into her. He thinks she could use a friend and asks her to breakfast. Meanwhile, Nicole joins John at the pub to pay her condolences about the wedding. He crushes a glass in his hand. She admits she’s having a hard time with it too… but if Brady loves Kristen, that’s all that should matter. Victor enters. Nic is sure that John has not given up on his son. Marlena and Roman walk in. John strolls over as he picks glass out of his hand. Nic leaves while Marlena and the two men spar. The men decide to take it outside. She tells Victor she’s afraid they’ll kill each other. He tells her to leave things alone because she only ever makes them worse. The moustache accuses her of pushing Brady into Kristen’s arms and asks what a good psychiatrist would tell her to do. “I wish I knew,” she admits. He advises her to walk away before things get even worse than they already are. Outside, Roman and John rehash their past with the shrink. John agrees to stop treating her like the enemy. “She’s all yours,” he tells Roman. Black wanders off and bumps into Abe. John assures him that he has everything under control and will call him when he needs a friend. He vows to himself to take down Kristen.

Brady has a mysterious meeting with a woman outside of the square. After she leaves, EJ pops up and asks what that was all about. They spar over their mates and how much they love their sisters. EJ goes home and knocks over one of his father’s chess pieces. Stefano tells him to behave. They chat about Brady joining the family. “It may not even happen,” Stefano says. EJ’s suspicious. His father says they just need to live in the present.

Eric enters his office and finds Kristen reading his Bible. She asks him to the wedding. He’d like to be there for Brady but it would be a problem for Marlena. She begins asking him about sin and absolution. The priest won’t discuss theology. The DiMera begins trashing Marlena for her lack of compassion. Eric can’t listen to this. She won’t relent on pointing out how many lives Marlena has destroyed. He gets agitated but calms down. “It’s okay, priests are people too,” she says. The priest tells her he won’t be at the wedding. She gets in another jab about his mom and leaves. Kristen goes to the office and calls her father to yap about the plan until Brady pops up. She offers her fiance sex on the couch but he thinks they need to talk. He pulls out adoption papers. He’s called in some favors and had them fast tracked. She’s shocked. “We can have a child together,” he says. Back at the rectory, Nicole shows up to tell Eric what happened at the pub. “It sounds like Armageddon,” the priest grumbles. He advises her to keep her distance.

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  1. From dc

    loved the way daniel told anne off and telling her chloe told some stuff on her..
    and the not seen person is jj. just wonder why they are bringing him on the show. hope he does not try to do anything with daniel and jenn’s relationship.
    and then there is the john/brady/kristen triangle. can’t wait to see how this turns out.
    and then at the end of the week rafe is gonna get hit in the head (by whom). hope they are not trying to write him out.

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