Days Of Our Lives Poll: EJ’s Plan.

Back to the drawing board.

Elvis and his father have had a lot of ups and downs over the years. Whenever they end up making amends, it doesn’t last and they are soon back to plotting one another’s downfall. This time around, EJ has decided to be cunning by recruiting Justin Kiriakis to help him steal away his father’s legitimate businesses and leave him vulnerable to the law. Will this actually work?

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It may not get them too often, but when fresh characters come to Salem, they usually aren’t well received. Are Anne and Vargas an exception? Let us know by voting in our DOOL Poll: New Characters.

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  1. From dc

    it would not surprise me if ej turned out to be as ruthless as his dad ever was. he was the one behind the rafe attack, trying to get the blame put on nick.
    from what i read they say rafe is suppose to be out of it for awhile, but i sure hope he is not going to be gone forever.
    and jj a “drug dealer”. not a good thing for the jennifer or abby.

  2. From babs

    I hope Rafe stays in a coma forever, and Nick gets into big trouble for being so mean to Will.

  3. From bettyg

    No, EJ will never be able to topple Stefano because half of his genetic make-up comes from Susan. Something will always be lacking in his plans. I’ll have to watch Friday’s episode over again, because I think I saw a blue shirt when Rafe got beaned, and Nick had a blue shirt on. What do you think?

  4. From iamcherry

    I doubt it was EJ…That is too obvious…I think it was Nick…What a coincidence that he had the muffin Rafe had picked up for his sister. And as for EJ, I think he could pull it off. Maybe EJ is the new Dimera generation….In with the new out with the old..Maybe this is how Stefano finally goes out…I hope it works for EJ lol

  5. From Patricia

    I don’t think Nick did it. They are just trying to get you to think he did. I think EJ called to get Jensen (I imagine the guy Nick is terrified of from prison) to come and get rid of Nick. (Who will ultimately put Gabi in danger and Will shot. – based on what I have read). I guess maybe he used Jensen to attach Rafe as well.

  6. From Deena

    I am really disappointed with EJ. He should be defending Sami and Will to Stefano. Instead, he just tells Sami to ‘roll over and smile’ practically. I know he is scheming something… but this passive behavior is so stupid. EJ should have confronted Stefano WITH Sami about the evidence he kept instead of destroying. I don’t know why they are making EJ like this.

  7. From Kat

    Whoever hurt Rafe, no way Nick/EJ did it….to simple…
    EJ is acting the way he is, because he has Big things going on, and he needs to play it low… right now.
    Of course, sooner or later they will redeem Nick, after all he is a Horton, Ha, Ha… but I do hope he will get some kind of punishment for all the nasty stuff he is pulling.
    Funny to watch Brady’s outrage, “how could somebody hurt Rafe like that”,, did He forget, that He..Brady did the same thing to EJ, He was capable to hurt another human being Like that,,, ha, ha.. and He never did get charged with anything, how about that one.
    Dr. Dan and Jenn,
    first Jack comes back, then Nicole happens, then Chloe happens, and now JJ will happen. It is getting boring to watch Dan and Jenn…

  8. From jenn

    I think the envelope hidden in Hope’s office about the prisoner release, may be the person responsible for the crime against Rafe.

  9. From lgd

    i don’t know why ej is so mad at stefano about cutting him out of his life. wasn’t it shown that stefano cut him out to actually protect him from Ian? he wanted Ian to think that ej wasn’t his real son so that he wouldn’t go after him.

  10. From zuzu61

    Ej’s plan will work this this. But first this imposter Stefano will kill Rafe, Nick, John, (Present) Roman, Anne, Gabi, Vargas, JJ.
    EJ will find out he destroyed the Imposter Stefano who actually helped Ian kill the Real Stefano, because he wants to retire. Dirty cop will kill Imposter Stefano.

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