Days Of Our Lives Poll: JJ’s Prospects.

Summer seductions.

JJ just got back to town and he is already making his mother worry. With summer on the way, that can only mean one thing for a teenager in Salem – some kind of romantic entanglement. If JJ manages to pry himself away from hating Daniel and his mother, who will he be spending his time with?

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  1. From dc

    i am not sure i like jj. it appears he is gonna make trouble for alot of people. and getting in with the wrong crowd, he is bringing that on himself.

  2. From bettyg

    There isn’t ANYBODY his age in the story right now. Only free women are Ciara, Ally, snd Sydney! I don’t like JJ much, either. Reminds me too much of so many smart alec teens! But maybe that’s what the writers want us to do? I suspect there will be a new girl character coming along for JJ.

  3. From Judy

    JJ needs his butt kicked! I don’t like the character and his spineless Mother, Jen, deserves what she gets.
    I don’t like Anne either, what is the purpose here???? Just to rile Jen??? Not good.

  4. From doris

    jj will get a new partner for crimes and her name is theresa

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