Days Of Our Lives Poll: Kristen’s Future.

What’s next?

Kristen came back to town a few months ago with plans to destroy John and Marlena. Things didn’t pan out quite the way she thought they would. Although John and Doc’s relationship crumbled, she ended up falling for Brady only to ruin what they could have had. What will she do now that her plan hits its end?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

Kristen isn’t the only one in a romantic mess. Let us know who you think finally enlightens Salem’s newest priest about Nicole’s feelings by voting in our DOOL Poll: Telling Eric.

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  1. From bettyg

    I chose “Killing Marlena”, since Marlena has been the problem all along. If Brady lets Kristen back into his life, he should consider a lobotomy! Find somebody new!(How about Hope?)

  2. From grandma to many

    Hi bettyg that wouldn’t work so well because Hope has a son very close to Brady’s age that is actually married to Brady’s little sister I said killing Marlena too as that is where Kristen’s big hang up has always been and she sees that Marlena is the one that shows Brady the picture so now Marlena has “taken ” not only John but Brady away from her too

  3. From pattypat

    Please get Marlana and JOhn back together. They are “Days”. Kind of tired of the storyline with Jen and Daniel. Maybe JJ will shake up the show some, and I will keep watching.

  4. From Teecat

    Kristen is too twisted and old to be with Brady/anyone. Why do the writers keep putting these older women with men that could be their sons or at least have changed their diapers. Even Cameron is too old for Abigail. She’s recently out of high school. So she should be about 19. He’s a doctor who has had to spend at least 11 years in school which would make him at least 29. Bring new people in the show if you have to.

  5. From babs

    I’m glad Brady got hurt. Everyone seems to forget he had one of his minons hit EJ over the head and than beat him up. Now he can’t forgive Kristin. What a hippocrate.I like Kristin she brings some needed excitment to Salem. John and Marlene think way too much of themselves.

  6. From zuzu61

    Could She Kill Rafe First?!!!? Then John, Marlena, JJ, Gabi, Nick, Vargas, etc.

  7. From hardware

    I don’t care what she does as long as it is in salem. She is the most interesting person on the show. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Eileen Davidson and her portrayal of the character.
    Thanks Days for bringing her back.

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