Days Of Our Lives Poll: The Money.

Going over the line?

Sonny helped Sami steal the evidence Nick had against Will. But as soon as he left, Sami randomly decided to steal the money she found in Nick’s room out of spite. Did she go too far or was this perfectly justifiable considering what Nick has been up to?

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John’s battle against Kristen has pushed him in a desperate and dangerous direction, but will it pay off? Let us know by voting in our DOOL Poll: John’s Master Plan.

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  1. From dc

    yes, sami went too far as she always does.. you’d think she was trying to be a dimera, right??
    i read somewhere that someone was coming back to the show (could it be bo), probably not, just wishful thinking..
    or maybe we will see max, chelsea or maybe even shawn and belle (since it appears bo is not coming back)..

  2. From bettyg

    Yes, Sammi went way too far, but what else is new? Let’s see if she gives the money to Eric for the church? I’m actually starting to feel for Nick. His life is complicated enough without having to deal with a bunch of crazies!

  3. From babs

    I don’t blame Sami. Nick is a horrible person and I hope he gets his soon.

  4. From Kat

    You go Sami, it was fun to watch, her going after the dirty cop… LOL
    better than watching Dan and Jenn and that long and ongoing “sick” drama between them.. and now JJ is back. Poor Kid, he has not had a Mother in how many years…no one to really guide him.

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