General Hospital Weekly Summary For April 29-May 3.

Chew on that.

Johnny sent Carly a message via Connie, warning that online gamblers could be targeting Morgan. She delivered the message to Sonny. Over at the Metro Court, Carly bickered with AJ about Brenda until Sonny and Olivia showed up. After AJ taunted him, Sonny decked him. AJ and Carly went back to arguing until they kissed and jumped into bed. Meanwhile, Liz was glad Nikolas was sticking around but they still argued about AJ. This led to kissing. She pushed him away. He thought that they could finally be together. She wasn’t sure that was possible and left. His mom dropped by and advised him to steer clear of Liz and AJ. Meanwhile, Monica was busy trying to keep Liz from catching AJ in bed with Carly. AJ came down and chatted with Liz while Monica hunted down Carly in his closet. Later, Carly noticed her romp had led to her missing some calls about Morgan and AJ invited Liz to New York. Tracy also headed to the city so she and AJ could face off over Pickle-Lila on “The Chew” and she looped Nikolas in to help. Down in TN, Sonny and Shawn discovered that Morgan was indeed involved with a gambling ring and had gone missing.

At the abortion clinic, Patrick told Britt that he would live up to his responsibilities if she decided to have the baby. She did. They returned to the hospital. She ran off to have morning sickness. Sabrina wasn’t buying it and blew up at her, accusing her of faking the pregnancy. Meanwhile, Sam worried about Rafe as he went out with Molly and kissed her. She reminded him that she had a boyfriend so he wandered off.

Lulu continued hiding out at Milo’s and flirting with him. He thought she should go back to her husband. She kissed him. Max broke the news to Dante that his brother had Lulu at his place. The cop rushed over. Milo was in the middle of breaking away from Lulu’s kisses. Dante begged his wife to come home and then popped Milo. She refused to leave so he said she could stay if he stayed too. Lulu ran off. He and Milo followed. Dante managed to rekindle a small memory in her but then she ran off with Milo again.

Ellie finally got into Maxie’s medical records and read about her miscarriage. She confronted Maxie, who admitted that she was pregnant with Spinelli’s child. Ellie tried calling Spinelli. Maxie talked her way out of it and asked her if she really wanted to risk losing him. And Spinelli paid Franco’s mom a visit in his search for Lauren. She sent him off to an old address.

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