General Hospital Weekly Summary For May 13-17.

Hellish relish.

Although Nikolas attempted to stop Tracy from going on “The Chew,” she managed to make it in time for the taste test. The hosts ate her relish and AJ’s before mass puking erupted. AJ and Tracy yelled at each other. A mysterious man ran around the studio. Tracy caught AJ bickering with Carly about them sleeping together. She recorded this and then confronted him. He refused to back down to her so she ran off to give the evidence to Liz. He chased her down and caved to blackmail, agreeing to tell the hosts of “The Chew” that his relish made them ill. News of the ‘hellish relish’ was soon in the papers. Tracy advised AJ to do damage control but he was more concerned about Liz discovering he’d slept with Carly. He went off to confess.

Laura asked Nikolas for his blessing so she could marry Scott. He gave it. Scott still worried that Luke would sabotage it and enlisted Lucy to help finalize the wedding plans. Scott paid Luke a visit and was assured that there would be no further upsets. The bigger problem was Leslie, who refused to let Laura marry Scott since he killed her husband. She soon changed her tune for Laura’s sake but Scott still had some doubts the ceremony would go ahead. Meanwhile, Luke moped over to the Floating Rib for a drink but Mac wouldn’t serve him so Luke went off to make up with Tracy. Mac hung out with Felicia. They joked about the wedding and he proposed again.

Lulu continued having nightmares but she had Milo to comfort her. Dante pulled her back to the Haunted Star and tried to walk her through their past. A few things started to filter back. He took her to meet the rest of her family. Meanwhile, Rafe admitted to Molly that he loved her but was sorry he kissed her. He encouraged her to give TJ another shot. TJ caught them hugging and had a fit so Molly declared that she was taking Rafe to the prom.

Sabrina and Felix continued to doubt Britt’s story. He was distracted when Britt’s accomplice, Brad, pulled him for some random sex. Sabrina claimed that she forgave Britt. She was less forgiving when Britt told Patrick that she was losing his apartment and he agreed to let her move in with him.

Michael found Morgan at Ava’s. He’d been beaten up so Michael dragged him to the hospital. As soon as he called his mom over, Morgan escaped. Michael chased him back to Ava’s and found him with his girlfriend, Kiki. Michael accused her of exploiting his brother for money. Sam wandered the hospital and thought she spotted Stephen Clay. It turned out to be his brother, Silas, a doctor. She filled him in about his nephew. He wasn’t interested. Back in Port Charles, some of the gambling thugs were bullying Olivia and Connie while issuing threats. Sonny and Shawn barged in and fought them off. They went over to Ava’s next, where Kiki and Morgan were about to be beaten by some thugs they owed money to. Shawn paid them off and sent them packing.

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