General Hospital Weekly Summary For May 20-24.

The new man in town.

Sonny and Michael dragged Morgan back to Port Charles. Morgan was ready to run back to New York but Kiki suddenly popped up on his doorstep. Michael wanted her to leave but she was determined to win over his family. She and Morgan took over Michael’s bed. She enjoyed taunting the brothers. Carly showed up and was not amused by what was going on.

Luke and Tracy kissed. She pushed him away and refused to be his safety net whenever things go wrong with Laura. Meanwhile, with the mayor absent, Lesley offered to perform the wedding ceremony for Scott and Laura. Lulu started having flashbacks and ran off. Dante went looking for her and got in a brawl with Milo. Sonny broke that up. Dante went off and asked Kevin for help with his wife. Lulu was at the Star. The mystery man found here there and announced that he wanted to rent it for a party. He wouldn’t give his name. Dante arrived and asked her to speak to Kevin. She tried but made no breakthroughs with the shrink.

The mystery man visited Heather at the prison. They discussed Sam and he said he wanted to make up for hurting her. Meanwhile, Silas showed up at Sam’s and demanded to see his nephew. Rafe refused to have anything to do with him. Later, the mystery man broke into the penthouse and popped a DVD into the player. It contained a picture of Jason and invitation to his party. Elsewhere, Silas handed Sam a petition for Rafe’s custody and Alexis tried telling him what would be best for the boy.

AJ refused to let Tracy blackmail him into taking the blame for the hellish relish fiasco. Ava showed up and offered to cut a deal with Tracy for Lauren’s shares in ELQ. Meanwhile, Duke got confirmation that both relishes were tampered with. AJ hoped this would keep Tracy at bay. However, Tracy had already told Nikolas about what had happened with Carly. Nik went off to Liz. Before he could tell her what he learned, she was distracted by a sudden invitation to the mystery party. At that moment, Carly got the same invite, along with a picture of Jason and freaked out. And Patrick changed his mind about letting Britt move in. He and Sabrina decided that she should move in with her instead. Britt wasn’t thrilled.

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