General Hospital Weekly Summary For May 6-10.


Nikolas paid his sister a visit. That actually rekindled a memory but not much more. She pouted about not trying hard enough. Maxie and Lulu showed up. She had another memory flash and then left for the hospital. Meanwhile, Scotty kept worrying that Laura’s feelings for Luke were rekindling. She denied this. She went to see her daughter but bumped into Luke. They reminisced and kissed but said it was time to move on. Laura informed Scotty that she said goodbye to Luke and wanted to set a wedding date.

Rafe told Sam about kissing Molly and then went to see her at Kelly’s. TJ was there, asking Molly to the prom. She turned him down and told him about the kiss. When Rafe showed up, TJ popped him. Rafe went home. Sam saw his shiner and wanted to talk to Shawn. Rafe ran off. Molly saw his shiner next and TJ confessed to giving it to him. She told him to find a new date to the prom.

While Luke told Tracy where Lauren was, Spinelli told AJ. The Quartermaines then taunted each other about their relishes and their plans for “The Chew.” AJ talked Liz into going to New York with him and Nikolas took Tracy. It wasn’t long before Nikolas found his way into Liz’s room. He tried to seduce her but she reminded him that she was with AJ. She went back and forth between the two men. Nikolas didn’t want to give up. AJ had an anxiety attack. Liz asked Nik to back off and not go on “The Chew.” When he told Tracy he wasn’t going on, she had a fit. Meanwhile, Luke and Spinelli both showed up in New York looking for Lauren. The woman Spinelli found turned out to be a dud set-up by Luke. The woman Luke found said her name was Ava Jerome, an art dealer who handled Franco’s estate. Morgan hid out at her place after meeting her online.

Michael, Carly and Sonny worried about the gambling ring Morgan had become involved with. They called in the Friends of Spinelli for help. Clues led to him hooking up with Jerome. Michael managed to get his brother on the phone but Morgan didn’t reveal anything. As Carly pulled Sam into the investigation, two gamblers hunted down Morgan and beat him. Back in Port Charles, Patrick caught Sabrina accusing Britt of faking the pregnancy. However, lab tests backed up Britt thanks to her bribing the technician.

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