The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For April 29-May 3.

A pregnant moment.

Taylor confronted Brooke about sleeping with Bill. Eric intervened and sided with Brooke. The blond accused the shrink of being jealous and gave her a warning. Later, Eric apologized to Taylor for siding with Brooke and assured her that he was committed to her. Meanwhile, Brooke went to see her doctor, who suggested that she may have menopause. She moped off to work. Eric caught her contemplating pictures of herself in lingerie. She told him about her condition. He assured her she was sexy anyway.

Liam and Steffy enjoyed their honeymoon in Aspen. They talked baby names. When they got back to town, Katie and Bill welcomed them. Over at Forrester, Brooke and Taylor continued bickering about Bill. Then Donna joined in and ordered the shrink to butt out. However, when she went down the hall, she caught Brooke and Bill holding each other and saying they wished they could forget what they had. Once he was gone, Donna confronted her sister. Brooke confessed, but insisted that she respected Katie’s marriage and wouldn’t sleep with her husband again. Meanwhile, Katie and Bill went out for lunch and promised to accept each other for who they were.

Caroline tried to charm Rick by asking him to help her with charity work. He was soon distracted by Maya. Caroline moaned to Hope about it. Hope then turned to Oliver to moan about Steffy while Caroline came up with a charity scheme. She decided to get Rick, Oliver, Marcus, Thomas and Carter to model the new men’s bedroom line. Rick was upset but she’d already begun promoting the event. The next day, the event commenced after Caroline did a little more sneering at Maya. The show involved the men strutting in their underwear. Caroline was sure to publicly kiss Rick on stage, much to Maya’s chagrin. Brooke was in the audience and was shocked when her doctor cornered her to explain that she was pregnant.

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