The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For May 13-17.

Baby problems.

Bill comforted Caroline as she moaned to him about the Rick situation. He assured her that things would be okay and then decided to forward information he had on Maya to the judge who released her. He and Alison plotted to bring Maya’s ex, Jesse, to town. If he spent time with Maya, that would violate her parole. Meanwhile, Rick asked Maya out again. Caroline insisted on going out with him the same night too but he kept telling her he was going out with Maya. That night, the ladies vied for his attention at a club. He continued trying to break up with Caroline. Alison tracked down Jesse and sent him over. He asked Maya to run off with him. She told him their baby was dead. Alison snapped shots of them. After Maya parted from Jesse, she told Rick how lucky she was to have him and they kissed.

While Hope told her mom that she was finally moving on from Liam, Steffy was riding home on her motorcycle. She swerved to miss a car and wiped out. After she was rushed to the hospital, Dr. Meade called Liam in. The baby was dead. Steffy woke up but couldn’t remember much. Taylor called Bill and Thomas, who brought Hope with him to the hospital. Liam broke the news to his wife alone. Her brother and mother tried to comfort her. Steffy blamed herself.

Bill commiserated with his son and got him to let out all of his sadness and rage. Meanwhile, Donna bickered with Brooke about being pregnant with Bill’s baby. Brooke decided that there was a way out. She admitted what had happened to Eric and asked him to pretend to be the father.

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  1. From lillybutterfly

    Understandably, soaps are full of drama but please do not let Hope break up Steffy & Liam. There must be a better story line than the other man or woman line. As for Eric & Brooke that donkey has sailed its tired, worn out and stale. As a watching faithful audience I would like to see Taylors family happy for a chance. I think Bill & his wife Brookes sister should find out about the baby. This storyline could be fantastic if written right. Let Liam stay with his wife and let silly Hope get with Thomas or the camera guy when all the time Hope is really going after Liam, then let Steffy get pregnant again. Most of us are tired of this story line bring in another man for Brooke and Hope.

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