The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary April 29 – May 3.

Summer moved, Avery was confused, and Michael became suspicious…

Avery denied Dylan’s claims that she still cared about him. When Nick accused Avery of the same, she gave his ring back. Chelsea snapped at Dylan for being so caring then quickly apologized. Later, Dylan saw Avery without her ring and asked her to join him back home, at the cottage, while he tied up loose ends. She refused him.

Tyler and Quinn had sex while Noah made out with Donna. Summer obtained a fake ID. Nick caught her at his bar and ordered Summer home. Summer told Nick she was moving in with Phyllis. Nick confronted Phyllis for moving Summer in without talking to him first. He relayed his and Avery’s broken engagement then warned Jack to keep Kyle away from Summer. Kyle insisted he wasn’t interested in Summer – and Phyllis assured Jack she didn’t want Nick back.

Lily wasn’t pleased Tyler hired Mason as a model but quickly realized he had a good eye for talent. Leslie opened the letters in Gus’ belongings and accused Gus of having an affair with Rose. Gus denied it. Tyler took some advice from Lily and agreed to give Gus a chance. Later, Neil found is apartment ransacked and papers missing that could be damaging for Jabot if in the wrong hands. When Kevin and Chloe were questioned on their whereabouts, Chloe recalled Kevin’s absence during the break-in.

Kay came out of surgery and stepped down at Chancellor. She named Cane as her successor, which infuriated Jill. Neil and Lily supported Cane. Jill reluctantly agreed to work with Cane.

While Lauren and Carmine vacationed, Michael heard Fen had been skipping school. Michael confronted Fen, who blamed himself for Michael and Lauren’s problems. Michael found a cryptic note in Lauren’s things. He called Lauren and heard Carmine in the background. Lauren claimed it was a waiter, but Michael became suspicious. As Michael questioned Lauren, who’d returned home, word came that Fen had been arrested for trying to get into Nick’s club. While Paul let Fen go, Billy played a couple of card games with Carmine.

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