The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary May 13 – 17.

Two were arrested, Nick looked at Summer’s paternity test, and someone lurked in the shadows…

Chloe found stolen jewelry in the Crimson Lights’ safe. Alex spotted it and arrested her. Kevin wouldn’t tell Paul and Alex how the stolen goods got in his safe and left Chloe in jail. When Michael got Chloe released, she seethed at Kevin. He confessed and was arrested, but Christine got him off on community service. Chloe refused to forget what Kevin put her through. Meanwhile, Paul was stumped that no valuables were taken from the break-in at Neil’s. After Leslie and Tyler laid their father to rest someone took a photo of them with Neil.

Michael learned Lauren had slept with Carmine for months and didn’t know if he could forgive her. Lauren warned Carmine away for good. When Carmine told Michael Lauren and Fen deserved better, Michael grabbed him by the throat. Kevin had to restrain Michael. Later, Michael agreed to give their marriage another try but couldn’t get the image of Lauren and Carmine out of his head. Across town, after Avery told Phyllis she and Nick were taking a step back, Phyllis told Jack she planned to move out and suggested they do the same.

Summer rejected Fen’s invitation to prom. Nick overhead Summer talking about wanting to have sex with an experienced guy and confronted Kyle. Nick apologized and insisted he was only trying to protect his daughter. After making plans for prom with her friend Summer agreed to go with Fen. Later, Nick admitted to Avery that his past had come back to haunt him and that nothing could ever happen between Summer and Kyle. He privately looked at Summer’s DNA test, which stated the test had been corrupt and paternity hadn’t been determined. When prom night came, Summer informed Fen they weren’t going and took him to her party at Phyllis’ penthouse. A game of truth or dare led to Fen being on top of Summer, kissing her. Kyle appeared and pulled Fen off.

Victor overheard Billy lying to Vikki over the phone about his whereabouts after he’d lost money in a poker game. Meanwhile, Vikki’s PI actually worked for Adam. Victor agreed to approve Adam’s secret funding if he cut Sharon from his life. Adam broke Sharon’s heart and ended things. Elsewhere, Chelsea and Dylan continued to grow close. She vowed to keep her baby a secret from Adam forever.

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