The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary May 20 – 24.

A paternity test was secretly performed, Kyle had a change of heart, and Adam became suspicious…

Phyllis caught Kyle and Fen fighting at her penthouse after Kyle received a text from Summer claiming she’d been in trouble. Fen yelled at Summer for making him appear as though he’d attacked her, and Kyle warned her it hadn’t been cool to lie in order to get him there. Everyone, including Phyllis, wondered why Nick was so against Summer being with Kyle. Later, while Kyle admitted to Jack that he was attracted to Summer, Nick prepared a home paternity test then visited Cassie’s grave with Sharon. Sharon overheard Nick talking to Cassie about needing to find out if Summer was his daughter. Kyle and Summer went on a date and kissed.

Michael couldn’t get images of Lauren and Carmine out of his head. Elsewhere, Fen confided his troubles in Carmine and insisted he’d never force himself on a girl like his father had. After Carmine stepped away, two boys beat Fen up. Carmine reappeared and chased them away. When Michael heard about Carmine’s involvement, he warned Fen to stay away from him. Soon after, Michael spotted a text from Carmine to Lauren asking if Fen was okay. He located Carmine, grabbed him and warned him to stay away from his son.

Adam became suspicious about the timing of Chelsea’s pregnancy and asked if she was carrying his baby. Chelsea denied it. Later, over talk of business, Adam reminded Billy of his gambling lies and warned him to get Vikki off of his back. Billy continued to gamble. Vikki overheard Adam leaving a message for Chelsea’s doctor about his wife’s pregnancy. Not wanting Adam to know he had a Newman heir, Vikki alerted Chelsea that she knew the truth and promised to help her keep it from Adam. While Vikki’s obsession with Adam created tension with Billy, Adam began to have flashes of Chelsea being in his hospital room.

Tyler resigned from Jabot due to his feelings for Lily. Lily gave Tyler the impression that his feelings weren’t one-sided and offered to walk away from their project if he stayed. Someone continued to snap photos of the Winters, Tyler and Leslie. Neil told Alex another passage from his stolen journal had been posted online. Kevin, who’d been assigned to do data entry at the station for community service, found that the domain was registered to NuBiz Incorporated. Neil was stunned and admitted that was his corporation.

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