The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary May 6 – 10.

Michael confronted Lauren, Chelsea felt guilty, and Kyle agreed with Summer…

Paul privately asked Lauren if she’d been sleeping with Carmine. Lauren denied it. Michael vented to Carmine about life, love and what it all meant. Later, Paul appeared as Lauren told Carmine she wanted her life back. Paul suggested she better end whatever had been going on immediately. After Carmine left, Paul told Lauren to tell Michael about the affair. Michael confronted Lauren, who confessed to having an affair. He stormed out and spotted Carmine with a matchbook containing the address of an Inn. The same address he found on Lauren’s pen. Michael called Carmine a bastard then demanded the truth from Lauren. Lauren claimed sleeping with Carmine was a mistake.

Victor requested that Vikki help buy back the company with her lawsuit money but wouldn’t oust Adam from Newman. Nick, Abby and Vikki refused him. While Vikki hired a guy to get dirt on Adam, he informed Victor he had the funding they needed.

Chelsea struggled with her lies after Adam admitted what they had could’ve been wonderful. She gave Dylan the chance to walk away and be with Avery, but Avery refused him. Chelsea planned to come clean with Dylan until she heard how hard it had been to lose his baby with Avery. He and Chelsea bonded over the baby. When Nick continued to give Avery a hard time over Dylan, he warned Nick he would lose her. Nick reunited with Avery.

Gus admitted to Leslie and Tyler that their mother knew Rose. When Gus buckled over, Tyler begged him not to leave them. Gus died. Over talk of funeral arrangements Leslie told Neil she wanted to find Rose. Later, an article was published on Leslie’s past. Neil admitted he wrote about it in his journal and promised to find out how it went public.

Fen mocked Summer about Kyle and warned he would never want her. When Fen taunted Kyle next, Carmine intervened and gave Fen advice about Summer. Kyle warned Summer to stay away from Fen and agreed it was good Fen believed Kyle was her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Traci returned and bashed Phyllis to Jack. He warned if Traci couldn’t be happy for him she didn’t belong in the Abbott home. Phyllis assured Traci she cared deeply for Jack.

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