Days Of Our Lives Poll: Bricole?

Back together again?

Now that Brady had broken things off with Kristen, Nicole is quick to leap back into his life. Do you want to see them reunite? Is this too much too soon or too much of the same old, same old?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From dc

    yea, nicole and brady together, i can see it happening.
    ya know, i was looking forward to seeing jj but with all he has done and the way the writers have written him in is all wrong.. i am really ready for him to go back to school abroad with no contact with his mom and sister..

  2. From dc

    let him fall in love with someone new. Nichole and Brady are not good together, never have been. They make good friends but not good lovers. I’m sure there is someone on the show she hasn’t slept with it is too predictable and boring, Brady needs someone to spice up the story line.

  3. From SL

    Brady and Nicole have a great chemistry – and I have heard rumors that they may have Nicole’s baby in the wings – that she was lied to about the stillbirth – and that the child Brady and Kristen (still have to say ewwwww) were going to adopt was going to be that child – now, wouldn’t it be something for Nicole & Brady to get together, go through with the adoption and find out – then EJ can keep on being the ick he is (hopefully without Sami) and drama ensues…….

  4. From Cougar

    I think even though its been there done that already Nicole and Brady growing closer would be interesting this time around with Kristen & Eric waiting in the wings tp complicate things. Al is right with the world now that Sami & EJ are togehter so we wont go down that EJ, Nicole, Sami path again. I think it would be wicked good fun watching Nicole & Kristen go after each other. They already threw down the gloves at each other today. Then we can have fun watching Eric twist in the wind struggling with denying hidden feelings for Nic and keeping his vows while he tries to steer Nic away from Brady. I feel is conflicted feelings already

  5. From Cougar

    Also meant to say “Hey Kat!” saw your comment on the lasst board. Miss the old gang, good to see comments from you guys again!

  6. From TC

    I would love to see Nic and Brady go at it again. Nic is my favorite character and I really want to see her happy. I don’t know about you but, I SICK of Daniel and Jenn!!! JJ need to be sent off the island and Abby need to get back with Chad! not sparks with the Doc…

  7. From Kat

    Hey Cougar, same here, wish some of the guys would “pick” up and post on here temp… Hope to get back with all of you, sooner than later..
    Let “Nick” fix their clitches, ha, ha

  8. From Fifi LaRue

    I love Nicole, but this storyline is too old and I really think that Brady is too one dimensional. I would like to see him be smarter and more heroic, like his father. Or at least the way his father used to be.

  9. From Deb

    someone mentioned JJ, that kid is bad news. didn’t like him the first time I saw him! Brady and Nicole have kismit, always did and always will…let them get back together. Kill off Stefano, so sick of him. Bring in some new people, that would be nice

  10. From Deb

    btw…of the Bricole topic, what the heck happened to Bo? Is he coming back?

  11. From Kay

    Hope they are not taking John off the show permanently. The John/Marlena couple needs to get back together. Obviously Brady does need them. It is time for Brady & John to “act smart”.

  12. From Kay

    Hopefully, John and Marlena will get back together. Also Sami and Rafe.
    Nicole loves Eric but Brady will have to do. Kristen turned Brady into Wimp! EJ may try to reconnect with Nicole if Sami and Rafe get back together.
    JJ needs to go away.

  13. From Cindy

    Good Morning All! I love Nicole and want her to be happy – finally. I hope her baby is alive somehow and she gets her back. I also hope EJ is happy with Sami and lets Nicole raise the baby without too much trouble.

    I agree with everyone else that JJ is a brat that needs to be taken in hand.

    Have a good day.

    BTW – my captcha is ‘constipated’ haha

  14. From dc

    well, it appears it is everyone wants jj gone..
    ok writers HEAR OUR CALL!!

  15. From Patricia

    I like Nicole with Brady. Would love if she found out her child might be alive and she could go searching for him with Brady. We need some more adventures on Days.

    I don’t like her with EJ. He never treated her right – abusive.

  16. From jenn

    JJ should go after the woman who is trying to make his mother’s life miserable, Ann.

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