Days Of Our Lives Poll: Kristen’s Revenge.

Going after the children.

Kristen has moved her revenge plot from going after John’s family to going after Marlena’s. Since she already managed to bust up their marriage, she’s now set her sights on Marlena’s son, Father Eric. After finagling her way into his room, she drugged him and raped him. But there must be more to her plans than just this. Where could all of this be headed?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think she has planned. If you think she has something even more dastardly in mind, please let us know what you think it is in the comments section.

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  1. From jenn

    Since Kristen thinks she can’t have kids (and probably too mature to get pregnant), I think her goal is to drive Eric insane.

  2. From dc

    i so agree with you jenn.. but i just hate what she did to eric..
    does anyone like jj?? i think the writers would have been better off leaving him in boarding school. he is nothing but trouble (for everybody). and his mom seems to be in denial about anything he does. i feel sorry for poor daniel.

  3. From MaryL

    I would like Kris to be preggy with Erics Baby, Brady to forgive and re-try, and John to find, and watch the video tape of her and Eric.

  4. From Cougar

    I agree that the pregnant sl is a no go but on the other hand . . . Eric is a priest and why is Nicole theonly one to have miracle babies!? It would be a real hot mess if she turned up pregnant.
    dc I cant stand JJ either but I think I really hate the way they have Jen turning a blind eye to his antics and making her the quintisential indulgent mother that says “my baby wouldn’t do that intentionally” parent. Then to have her expect Dan to not report him.

  5. From Avatar

    I don’t like Jen being in denial about her little brat JJ. Daniel needs to turn his butt into the cops.
    He needs to be knocked down a peg or 2. His mom is doing him NO favors!!
    I can’t stand Kristen either, she needs to get on with her life or they need to put her in a loony bin far away!! I like Brady and Nic together, the guy they have playing,
    Eric just doesn’t fit the part of Sami’s Twin!! Roman doesn’t have black hair!! Sami’s blonde and his hair is black??? So since Eric is a priest, and can’t marry(???) I’d rather see her with Brady!! Cam doesn’t look much like a Dimera either!! I think Chad and Abby are good together!!

  6. From babs

    I love Kristen. She brings some life to the show. She is evil but its better than boring Marlena. JJ should have stayed at boarding school what a brat. I want to see Abby with Chad.

  7. From Clear

    I think she plans to blackmail Marlena with the tape somehow. What happened to comments on spoilers. I posted and now it has no comment box again? Must have been some terrible glitches.

    Kristen’s hair always looks great, but the bun braid on Sami, A big No!

    Today, Jenn finally sees J.J’s lies. Quit talking and crying and give him the consequences with some boundaries. She can send him to grief counseling too! Duh! Stop blaming Dan for his bad behavior too.

    I too hate to see Actor for Chad leaving. Is the new terrible hairdo he got for some upcoming role? Where is he going? I hope they keep his character?

  8. From Cougar

    Hey Clear! Yes I too wish they would get the comment box on the spoilers up and running again.

    Chad leaving, thats too bad I liked him too. I agree the jairdo was awful, hurt my eyes to look at that one for too long. Seem like they are about to give him the customary kiss of death. They give deparitn actors a decent sl before they write them out. I wish they would keep the character around we need a new generation of DiMiras. Having Kristen back has really amped it up. She is a terrific bad DiMira to step in when fatha takes off.

  9. From Clear

    Hey, Cougar! Great to read you again! What’s with the site problems I wonder? I really miss reading all the comments.

    I am glad Kristin the evil Dimera is still on as long as she doesn’t resort to murder. she is still funny, though sEducing a priest was pretty low even for a Dimera, so no redemption for her. She really is a psychopath.

  10. From Lady Bug

    I think Kristin is back to keep an evil Dimera on the show. I remember that playing pregnant time
    years ago. I am hoping Sami and EJ will be a power couple and her story line won’t be moving from man to man. I have enjoyed seeing Roman and Marlena together. Let John go and keep Chad.

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