Days Of Our Lives Poll: More Villains.

Who could it be?

Now that Nick seems to be on the road to redemption and Kristen has proved herself to be as soft as an ice cream sundae, the antagonists in Salem are getting pretty thin. Stefano has been relatively innocuous for years, Victor is a pussycat who barely twirls his mustache and EJ is about as dastardly as a Brady. Does the show need to bring back Ian or an evil version of Philip? Are Anne and pothead JJ the closest we are going to get to devilish troublemakers?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From dc

    not liking this jj character at all. jennifer and abby are great but jj should have stayed in europe. he is nothing but trouble. and his messing with drugs, i hate it. he needs to be sent to a boarding school or caught with the drugs and out in jail for awhile. messing with daniel is just all wrong.

  2. From Helen

    JJ needs some very tough love, and Daniel needs to step up and talk with Jennifer about JJ’s actions. Bring back Doug to talk with JJ. He has been around a long time but not used enough as a father figure.

  3. From Jazz

    Bring Phillip period. Evil or good I don’t care!!! I want him back to get his son back from Dannifer

  4. From bettyg

    Yes, Days could use a few more baddies. Stephano and Kristen and JJ(I’d love to slap that guy a couple of times!)are the only baddies right now. Nicole was great at it, but now she’s “reformed”. And Chloe is away someplace trying to be a better person.

  5. From Molivya

    I can’t believe so many said we have enough! Soaps need evil plotting and over-dramatic monologues where the villain talks about their plans to themselves. JJ and Anne are trouble makers. We need real villains!

  6. From Clear

    The villain can be from outside like the felon that shot Will. They don’t have to be a beloved flawed character that continues to struggle. Kristen and Victor are Villainous, but have some redeeming qualities. I think they are well written. Stefano is reaping what he sowed. He neglected Kate, would not listen to her, and now lost her, but he cares more about himself than her happiness as always.

    The only comment posting is here right now. Hard to believe the web problems could not be cleared by now on the spoiler site. I miss reading many of the previous posters!

  7. From Cougar

    Clear! By jove! So good to see an ald comment buddy! Ditto on not getting the coments back up I miss everyone soo much too, you included! I have laid low for quite some time much going on with the deterioration of my mother-in-law’s alzheimers. She is in the final stages and is slowly starving to death as she no longer eats. Weight loss accelerated to 2 pounds a week and we are not sure how long she has. The heart can beat an awfully long time as nature takes it’s course.

    Steoh cutting “it off” how crude! How’s Rafe gonna get saved by the bell this time.

    JJ is a bad egg and needs to go to boot camp. Doc Dan will thrash him if he puts Parker in an unsafe position again but something tells me Dan won’t let JJ get anywhere near Parker.

    How long is Eileen Davidson signed up for here stint on Days? I have really enjoyed wacky, psyco Kristen. If Steph ever retires or passes away (God forbid) She is the only one with the chops to be the next generation resident evil DiMera.

  8. From Kat

    Hi Cougar and Clear,
    good to hear from you.
    I just love watching Kristin, she sure does keeps things spicey.
    Maybe down the road, she can also be redeemed, she really is no worse than so many other characters. And what she did to Marlena, really is no worse, than what others .. like Nicole, Kate, Stefano, EJ or Sami etc. have done…
    I miss the other forum, seems to take forever to get fixed.

    Well, if they cut out Jenn’s heart, maybe … wow, Rafe will get “wacked” and Dr. Dan will attach it again…. as long as Dr. Dan does “not” fall for his patient, LOL…
    Jenn and Dr. Dan, same old, same old… somebody trying to come between them.. it is getting so boring… those two, just maybe, don’t belong together.

  9. From fredh53

    Anne from Salem hospital is another villian! She is an evil bitch!!!

  10. From pam

    love to see ej and stefano at war, sami is terrific with him, and she and ej belong together, great chemistry, rafe needs a solid new lovelife, maybe nicole, because he had no chemistry with sami. it would be interesting to see the people in salem who grow to support ej and trust he is really against stefano, and others who still dont trust him. ejami forever

  11. From Judy

    Brady and Nicole (yawn) Nick is a creep! And Rafe and Kate…what a joke. Now Nicole and Rafe would stir the pot!!! Abby belongs with Chad, Cameron is too perfect. At least Chad has an edge. Leave Will and Sonny alone!!! They belong together. With Gabiand the baby moving n should be some comedic relief from crazy Kristen. JJ needs to learn his lesson, he needs his butt whipped. I have never liked spineless Jen..yuck! She deserves what she gets.

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