Days Of Our Lives Poll: The Happy Family.

Can this go well?

Now that Gabi and Nick have broken up so he can deal with his problems and recover from desperately throwing himself into a readymade family, it looks like Sonny and Will are going to be taking his place. Sonny decided to get them a new apartment so that they could raise the child together with Gabi. What is destined to be the fallout from this? Will it be trouble for WilSon? Could it be good for every one or a disaster all around?

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  1. From dc

    well, i am not sure how to answer this. gabi and the baby need a place to live but with will and sonny, not sure how this will pan out. i know will is the dad but this may be a disaster for will and sonny.

  2. From jenn

    It may be all flowers and butterflies at first but I think the honeymoon between Gabi and Sonny will end. I will not be surprised when Gabi goes back to manipulative ways in order to get what she wants. I just hope if it does happen,Will won’t be blinded by it and lose Sonny.

  3. From Cougar

    Not sure if it will a total cluster but one thing id for sure they are setting up Justin as being the support of dad shile Adrienne flies inon her broom

  4. From missy

    love to see William & Sonny break up & end for him to be straight & end up w gabby, & baby makes 3

  5. From Missy

    Love to see will & gabby as a special couple

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