General Hospital Weekly Summary For June 10-14.

Terrace of terror.

Carly called Shawn and told him the hit on Franco was back on. After luring Franco onto the terrace of the Metro Court, she got him in position. Sonny suddenly arrived and got in the middle of things. Olivia had a vision of him being shot and ran over to prevent it. Shawn accidentally shot her. She was sent to the hospital while the cops locked down the building. He managed to slip over to the hospital. Alexis demanded to know what he was doing. He lied to cover. Connie and Sonny both told Liv how much she meant to them before she was rushed into surgery. Sonny was furious when Shawn explained that Carly mad the order. Back at the scene, Franco made it clear that he knew Carly just tried to have him killed. He taunted that he would fill Anna in. Later, Shawn showed up to rail at Carly. Sonny was brought in for questioning but insisted he was innocent. Shawn was brought in next. He wouldn’t say anything. Sonny went back to the hospital and promised Dante he was innocent. When he spotted Carly, he threatened that she would die if Olivia did. Franco popped up to taunt them.

Nik let AJ know that he knew about him sleeping with Carly. He decided to use the evidence as an insurance policy to keep Liz safe. AJ was more distracted by Franco having power at ELQ. He tried convincing Michael to get Lauren on their side. Franco was busy pouring his heart out to his daughter and begging for a reconciliation. AJ ruined their moment. Tracy offered Franco a chance to get back at him.

Taylor and TJ got close and wet as they fixed pipes at Kelly’s. Molly wasn’t thrilled. Her mom learned from TJ that Shawn’s alibi was fake. Alexis was miffed. But she was distracted by Sam dealing with Danny’s problems. Molly told her the prom was cancelled because of the shooting. When Shawn arrived, Alexis confronted him for lying. Meanwhile, Patrick and Sabrina had a date and went to his place. They had cupcakes and went to bed. All the while, Felix challenged Britt to take a blood test again. She refused. And the results for Luke’s tests came back but he was in no hurry to get them.

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